24 Season 8 Cast And Some Legal News

24 Casting News

The cast for the upcoming 8th season of 24 is growing ever so slowly, but surely.

Jennifer Westfeldt has been cast in the recurring role of an ambitious journalist named Meredith Reed.

This ambitious journalist has connections to a Middle East leader who is in the U.S. on a peacemaking mission, named Arman Hashemi.  Hashemi will be played by Anil Kapoor (Slumdog Millionaire).

Chris Diamantopoulos (The Starter Wife) will be in the regular role of Rob Weiss, President Allison Taylor's new chief of staff.

The CTU will be getting new faces as well, and one of them will be John Boyd (The Notorious Bettie Page) as systems analyst Jonah Schwartz.

Other sources are adding that Freddie Prinze Jr is being cast as Davis Cole.  Cole is fresh off active Marine duty and runs the CTU Field Ops and might be looking to fill Jack Bauer's shoes.

Season 8 of Fox's 24 will be coming at us Jan. 17, 2010, with a two-night, four-hour event.

Outside The Studio, Keifer Sutherland Legal Issues Update

Kiefer Sutherland's legal issues regarding the alleged headbutting of fashion designer Jack McCollough may be settling down.

Back on May 5th at a party, women's wear designer Jack McCollough, who is a friend of Brooke Shields's, interrupted her and Sutherland while they were chatting and this interruption resulted in an irate Sutherland allegedly headbutting McCollough after they exchanged words.

Was Keifer channeling Jack?

Nothing has been settled yet but Keifer Sutherland has issued a public apology to McCollough and McCollough has issued a statement saying he appreciated Keifer's public statement.

If everything works out between the party buddies, it will clear the way for the assault charges against Keifer Sutherland to be dropped.

Right now Keifer is under a 5-year probation for a DUI (His 2nd) and this legal issue in New York may still be a snag on his probation terms from California.

California officials are making stink and asking for reports on the party nose-breaking moment.

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