"24" 2006 Season Finale

I've come to a startling conclusion:

Jack Bauer is Batman.

Really, it's the only plausible explanation for Jack to be able to do everything he does. :-)

Season 5 of 24 (man, has it been 5 years already?) has been one rockin' ride. So much so that the finale was almost a letdown. Almost. Maybe it was just emotional exhaustion from the previous 22 episodes, or the fact that the show is so proficient at keeping viewers on the edge of their seats, that our tolerance increases and we need ever increasing levels of suspense and shocks.

Bottom line: It was excellent and wrapped things up neatly and satisfactorily, except for what happens to the weasel who erased the critical evidence. No doubt he will turn up in Season 6 since no one besides the President knows what he did. I have to say that the method with which they got the confession was brilliant and unexpected. Nicely done, folks.

And then of course there was the "shocker" at the end (Drag your cursor over the text below to view):

The Chinese show up in the last minutes of the episode to kidnap and beat the hell of Jack, and then put him on a freighter to China!

I guess it's just not possible to end a season of any show these days without a bloody cliffhanger, eh? At least we know next season should be quite different from prior ones, and that's a really good thing since even though the show has been high quality, the plot lines can get redundant.

Also, I personally love the fact that they start later in the TV season and run the episodes every week without repeats or interruption. I wish more shows would do that (Lost is taking a hint from 24 and will not run repeats next season).

Here's looking forward to next year.

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