'22 Jump Street' Trailer: Jenko & Schmidt Are A Power Couple

It's hard to imagine that production on 22 Jump Street - the sequel to 2012's surprise comedy hit, 21 Jump Street - only began this past September. Only a couple of months later, we're already being treated to two trailers for the film in as many days. On Monday, the red band trailer debuted online, laying the groundwork for the latest drug-busting adventure in Morton Schmidt's (Jonah Hill) and Greg Jenko's (Channing Tatum) career as undercover cops; yesterday, MGM followed up on that with a green band version of the same clip, seen above.

Expect all of the usual differences between red and green band fare, of course, but for as similar as both teasers are (down to the self-referential meta jokes), the latest promo manages to pull out a few new gags of its own. Want to know what notorious modern celebrity couple Schmidt and Jenko best resemble? Curious to see Hill do his own slapstick version of the infamous octopus scene from Oldboy? You'll have to watch the bit for yourself to see how these play out, though they're likely much, much cleaner than what we'll see in the theatrical cut of the film.

This time out, Jenko and Schmidt have moved on from high school to higher learning, taking their fight against drug runners to the hallowed halls of college. Based on the footage released to date, the change in location doesn't foster change in behavior or shenanigans; as anyone might expect, college parties are going to be more plentiful and far more outrageous, so our heroes will likely have their hands full trying to crack the case while indulging themselves in some bacchanalian fun.

That's one area where the new trailer sets itself apart from the red band bit: it introduces the slightest amount of plot into the proceedings, hinting at the ways Jenko's and Schmidt's relationship might change throughout 22 Jump Street's story. Jenko looks to be just as protective of his best friend as ever, and Schmidt, well, he seems to be at least a little resentful of (or at least exasperated by) Jenko's nannying ways.

But directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have clearly upped the action and slapstick quotient to compliment the emotional elements of the movie, too, so there's plenty of reason to be excited for what they've got going on here. (Hill, according to both filmmakers, has done a lot more of his own stunt work for the sequel as well, to his chagrin and everyone else's delight.)

The only bad news is that there's a bit of a wait to go before 22 Jump Street hits theaters in 2014, but it should be worth all of the anticipation.


22 Jump Street arrives in US theaters on June 13, 2014.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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