Every Sequel Teased By 22 Jump Street's End-Credits

22 Jump Street Sequels

The future of a 22 Jump Street sequel is uncertain, but in case it never happens, the end-credits provided a good look at what Jenko and Schmidt’s future missions could look like. In 2012, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller brought 21 Jump Street, a re-imagining of the ‘80s series of the same name about undercover police officers that investigated crimes in high schools, colleges, and more. The film, starring Channing Tatum (Jenko) and Jonah Hill (Schmidt), was a big hit, with a sequel released two years later.

22 Jump Street followed Jenko and Schmidt on a new undercover mission, only this time in college. After a few obstacles here and there and a visit to Mr. Walters and Eric in jail, Jenko and Schmidt had another successful operation, with Captain Dickson assigning them to a new one at a med school at the end of the film. This was the perfect set up for a sequel (and many more), with the end-credits showing all the missions they could go on and that could be the topic of many, many sequels.

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The sequence jumps right into the aforementioned med school mission, with a brief look at Jenko and Schmidt running away from the bad guys in the halls of a hospital, followed by a poster for 23 Jump Street. For the next sequel, the theme is “foreign exchange students… in Russia”, with the boys going through a rebellious phase in 26 Jump Street: Art School later on. The end-credits have a total of 25 Jump Street sequels, including an electronic target game, a video game, and an animated series, because Jenko and Schmidt will always look young enough to go undercover in a number of schools, to the point where they have to disguise themselves as elderly men to infiltrate a retirement home in 40 Jump Street.

23 Jump Street

Here’s the full list of sequels teased at the end of 22 Jump Street:

  • 23 Jump Street: Medical School
  • 24 Jump Street: Foreign Exchange Students
  • 25 Jump Street: A Semester At Sea
  • 26 Jump Street: Art School
  • 27 Jump Street: Culinary School
  • 28 Jump Street: Veterinary School
  • 29 Jump Street: Sunday School
  • 30 Jump Street: Flight Academy
  • 31 Jump Street: Ninja Academy
  • 32 Jump Street: Fireman School
  • 33 Jump Street: Generations
  • 34 Jump Street: Return of the Ghost
  • 35 Jump Street: Traffic School
  • 36 Jump Street: Military School
  • 37 Jump Street: Scuba Class
  • 38 Jump Street: Dance Academy
  • Jump Street (video game)
  • Jump Street: The Animated Series
  • 39 Jump Street: The Electronic Target Game
  • 40 Jump Street: Retirement Home
  • 41 Jump Street: Magic School
  • 42 Jump Street: Beauty School
  • 43 Jump Street: Mariachi School
  • 2121 Jump Street
  • Infinity Jump Street

These fake sequels not only have posters and tag lines to go with them, but also some guest stars, such as Bill Hader as the villain in 27 Jump Street, Seth Rogen replacing Jonah Hill in 29 Jump Street, Anna Faris joining the fun in 30 Jump Street, and Richard Grieco reprising his role as Dennis Booker from the original series in 33 Jump Street: Generations, along with Dustin Nguyen as Harry Truman Ioki. At the end of the sequence, a poster for Infinity Jump Street can be seen for a split second, implying that they will continue to go on this type of missions for eternity.

Although Lord has shared that they will skip 23 Jump Street and are already working on 24 Jump Street, with a female Jump Street spin-off in development too, the projected release dates are a mystery. Whatever the future holds for Jenko and Schmidt, at least 22 Jump Street gave audiences a look at all possible missions – but it would be real fun to see how some of these would go.

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