'22 Jump Street': Can You Spot All the Easter Eggs & References?


A lot of people are going to come to 22 Jump Street expecting the usual hijinks; few will go in knowing just how dense the movie is. As they admit in the video interview above, Chris Miller and Phil Lord (directors of both Jump Street installments and The LEGO Movie) have treated this sequel like a Trojan horse, jam-packed with homages and winks at iconic films or directors - especially within the action genre.

When we sat down with Lord and Miller during the 22 Jump Street junket in NYC, we asked point-blank if the forthcoming DVD/Blu-ray releases would offer some kind of feature listing all of the hidden references and Easter eggs in the movie; according to them, we shouldn't hold our collective breath waiting for that to happen. After all, why would they go through all that extra effort when there's the Internet around to do it for them?

That is where YOU come in, dear reader: Chris Miller and Phil Lord (and us here at Screen Rant) want to challenge you to help spot all the references and Easter eggs in 22 Jump Street.

If you think you spotted a moment in the film that paid homage to a particular movie or director, drop us a line in the comment section. We'll compile all the Easter eggs and references into a nice handy list (see below), and it should all come together relatively easily if fans all contribute.


22 Jump Street Easter eggs & References

22 Jump Street Easter eggs and Refrences

We'll start you off with a freebee:

  1. Bad Boys homage: As Schmidt and Jenko head to spring break, their plane flies over the sign for Mexico in an upward angle shot that is a clear nod to Michael Bay's Bad Boys.
  2. ?
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The rest, as you can see, is up to you.


22 Jump Streetwill be in theaters on June 13th, 2014.

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