First '22 Jump Street' Clip: Jenko and Schmidt Go Undercover

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Strictly professional police officers Jenko (Channing Tatum) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill) are back, and after graduating from high school in 21 Jump Street they're moving on to bigger and better things in 22 Jump Street. Specifically, they're going to college, the home of academic fervor and highbrow maturity.

Before that, however, these two crime-fighters go undercover to investigate a Mexican drug cartel in the first full clip from the movie. This scene was featured briefly in an alternate ending to the trailer for 22 Jump Street, but the extended version features even more of Jenko's painful attempts at sounding Latino.

As with the original reboot, 22 Jump Street was directed by filmmaking duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who have already had one major success this year with animated comedy The LEGO Movie, and who recently turned down an offer to direct Ghostbusters 3 in favor of keeping their options open.

22 Jump Street banner

Many people were rightfully sceptical about the idea of taking an 1980s TV show and rebooting it as an action comedy, but thanks to a mix of wryly self-aware humor, excellent chemistry between the two leads, and some purely ridiculous moments, 21 Jump Street ended up being incredibly fun to watch. 22 Jump Street seems to have a similar plot, with Jenko and Schmidt infiltrating a scholastic institution in order to find the source of a drug operation, but don't be surprised if the movie ends up poking fun at itself for retreading old ground in a sequel.

Since 21 Jump Street 2 is a pretty awful title for a movie, the undercover police unit moves across the street to a Catholic church at 22 Jump Street after the old Korean church HQ gets bought back. If all goes well with this sequel, don't be surprised if the Jump Street crew have to relocate to number 23 next.


22 Jump Street opens in theaters on June 13, 2014.

Source: MTV

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