'21 and Over' Trailer: Wild Celebration of Drinking Age

The writers of 'The Hangover' bring us another party movie with '21 and Over', this time about of kids celebrating the '21er' of their uptight friend.

21 and Over

Coming off their mega-hit The Hangover, the writing team of  Jon Lucas and Scott Moore has gone to pen the scripts for Flypaper and The Change-Up to moderately successful results. With the recent release of the trailer for their new film 21 and Over, which they are also directing, it appears the duo is going back to their roots with a premise about an epic 21st birthday party that, of course, goes dangerously but hilariously over the edge.

The film centers on young Jeff Chang, a straight-A college student preparing for a medical school interview and his two extroverted fun-seeking best friends, Miller and Casey. As you would imagine, Miller and Casey convince Jeff to go out for his 21st birthday party and attempt to break him out of his shell, risking missing his interview in the process. Substitute a twenty-one-year-old for a bachelor party and the the stakes of  missing the interview for a wedding and you've got the blueprint for Hangover-like success, right?

Well, one thing is evident in the trailer. There are plenty more Hangover elements to be found in this film, including wild animals on the loose, characters defying civil authority and pretty much everything else that goes along with a crazy night of partying. However, this film takes on the rite of passage known as the "21er," so the mayhem, mischief and debauchery that the main characters partake in are that of a younger generation. The trailer depicts their epic night involving intense beer pong matches, driving stolen golf carts, semi-nude streaking and plenty of booze and boobs.

Miles Teller, Justin Chon and Skylar Austin in '21 and Over'

That's not to say the film might not work, though. For anyone that's seen any teen or college movie, things will look pretty familiar - but as long as the characters are likable and if the situational comedy is funny enough, 21 and Over is sure to find its target audience (ironically, many of whom will be younger than 21). The movie may also serve as a nostalgic, albeit outrageous, vision into the past for many who fondly remember (or don't remember) their night out with friends on their 21st birthdays.

What will be interesting to see is if this film receives the same sort of backlash that found-footage party film Project X did (a movie produced by Hangover director Todd Phillips, oddly enough). Apparently, depicting teens as wild, reckless party animals is taboo in some circles (just listen to Screen Rant editor Ben Kendrick's rant in our Project X podcast).

21 and Over stars Justin Chon (Twilight) as Jeff Chang, Miles Teller (Project X) as Miller and Skylar Austin (Pitch Perfect) as Casey. It is currently slated for a March 1, 2013 release.

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