'21 Jump Street' Extended Red Band Trailer: Superbad Boys

21 jump street red band trailer jonah hill channing tatum

While most people (understandably) initially rolled their eyes at the idea of Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill co-headlining the 21 Jump Street movie, we here at Screen Rant have actually been optimistic about that TV show adaptation/reboot for a while now. Based on the positive pre-release word of mouth for the R-Rated action-comedy, it looks as though our faith may be rewarded after all.

For additional proof that 21 Jump Street directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) and their fellow film talents have a hit on their hands, you need look no further than a new five minute long red band promo which features (among other things) Ice Cube dropping some solid f-bombs, along with Tatum and Hill both getting into some genuinely funny shenanigans.

21 Jump Street stars Tatum and Hill as recent police academy graduates Jenko and Schmidt: two dim-witted cops whose (sorta) youthful looks and man-child attitudes make them prime candidates to participate in a newly-resurrected program where police officers work undercover at a local high school (a reference to the original 1980s TV series starring Johnny Depp).

The program's foul-mouthed "angry" leader, Captain Dickson (Cube), assigns the pair to take down a local synthetic drug ring which is being operated via assistance from certain high school students. Much misbehavior and wackiness ensues.

Have a look at the extended 21 Jump Street red band trailer (which is obviously NSFW) and see what we mean:

The fact that jokes involving high schooler behavior - in early 21 Jump Street footage - continue to hit their mark is all the more surprising when you remember that the film's primary screenwriter (Michael Bacall) ended up enduring a pretty heavy critical pounding this past week, for his lackluster work on the recently-released Project X (another R-Rated "comedy" featuring bad teenage behavior).

Lord and Miller's knack for comedic timing, combined with Hill offering a good rendition of his usual shtick - and Tatum having a lot of fun playing Jenko as a handsome dunderhead [insert Tatum joke of choice here] - looks to have paid off, resulting in a 21 Jump Street movie that really does feel like Bad Boys meets a raunchy John Hughes movie (a la Superbad). Maybe those sequel plans aren't jumping the gun after all...

Look for 21 Jump Street to open in theaters around the U.S. on March 16th, 2012.

Source: MTV

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