Why Neville Is Leaving WWE

The top story in pro wrestling this week has largely revolved around the alleged real-life departure of Neville from Raw on Monday night. Apparently, the former Cruiserweight Champion walked out before the show even started this past Monday and what's more, the British star may have asked for his release from WWE before leaving the building. The problem came about at an inopportune time for WWE as they were just starting to gain some momentum when it comes to 205 Live and Neville was a key part of that.

Neville was the first real star added to the cruiserweight division in order to help boost the brand's numbers, and he was shortly followed by Austin Aries. For the last month or more, WWE has upped their game when it comes to pushing their purple brand. Kalisto joined the cruiserweight ranks less than two weeks ago and is already the show's champion. The main star to become a cruiserweight recently though is Enzo Amore, and therein might lie the problem.

There are a few rumors circulating about why Neville wants out of WWE, but nothing is officially confirmed just yet. It seems the straw that broke the camel's back was the main event booked in for Raw this past Monday. The main event that actually took place was Kalisto vs Amore, where the former became the new Cruiserweight Champion. Allegedly, that wasn't the original plan though and initially, Neville was supposed to face Amore and lose with Kalisto not winning the title until TLC. If true, clearly having to lose to Enzo for the second time was too much to bear for The King of the Cruiserweights.


Having to lose a match to Amore isn't enough to make someone potentially quit their job all by itself though, no matter how annoying he might be. Clearly, there is more to Neville's current absence from WWE, and it may be the next part of a dangerous pattern for WWE. The aforementioned Austin Aries also left WWE under similar circumstances earlier this year. A-Double was moved to 205 Live only to seemingly leave all of a sudden, presumably after a creative disagreement.

On Thursday, more credence was added to the rumor that Austin and Neville's situations are remarkably similar when Aries sent out a cryptic tweet. The tweet said "Know when to walk away from anyone or anything that doesn't value you," and while it didn't mention Neville by name—or WWE for that matter—it seems pretty clear who the former Ring Of Honor Champion is aiming his advice toward.

If Neville is indeed on his way out of WWE, then it's a real shame. The Brit has bags of talent and potential. It's understandable why he would want to leave right now though. He has been an NXT Champion and even competed for the WWE Championship on Raw not so long ago. Now, however, Neville has been pigeon holed as a cruiserweight and at this moment in time once you've been tarred with that brush in WWE it appears there is no going back.


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