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Video Game Awards 2018

The Game Awards may hand out awards to the best titles the video gaming industry has to offer, but it also provides an excellent platform for developers to showcase current projects and announce new titles. This year's event promises that "worlds will change," but as to what worlds that refers to is anyone's guess.

However, many developers have dropped hints recently about some big gaming news, with some even posting teasers on their blogs and through social media. This has created a slew of rumors about announcements fans can expect during The Game Awards, although none of this speculation is confirmed. The truth is that no one will know anything until the awards show airs on Thursday, December 6, but it's a guarantee that fans of certain developers and franchises will be watching the awards show in anticipation. Although seeing some of their favorite games get rewarded with a statue is nice, what viewers want to see is what those developers are working on next.

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The Game Awards organizer Geoff Keighley posted on Twitter that 10 new games will get announced at the event. So what will those titles be? Here's a look at the rumored announcements players can possibly expect:

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Square Enix's Avengers Game

In 2017, Marvel and Square Enix announced a partnership to work on a new game based on the Avengers. Since then, though, both companies have been relatively quiet about the development of that game. Rumors now suggest, though, that the title might get an official reveal trailer at The Game Awards 2018. Speculation began when Keighley tweeted that that Avengers: Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo, would attend the event. Now, why else would they attend such a soiree unless they had something to show off? And that something could very well be the new Avengers game from Square Enix.

Obsidian's new title

Obsidian will make an important game announcement at The Game Awards. The company already confirmed this by putting up a clock on their website that counts down the days until the awards show. No one knows what kind of game this is, but the promotional materials make it seem like something with a retro space vibe. Interestingly enough, the graphics used for the promotions have some speculating that the title is a new BioShock game as Obsidian already has a strong reputation for creating sequels for other companies. However, the company could focus their efforts on a new IP, so fans will have to tune in to find out what Obsidian's new title is.

Mortal Kombat 11

Rumors of an announcement about Mortal Kombat 11 began circulating before this year's E3, but fans were disappointed when it didn't appear at that event. Those rumors now revolve around The Game Awards, with many believing that the title will finally get announced there. Although the original rumor began on 4chan, meaning some level of skepticism is required, that post included many leaked details about the game. The post included detailed information about the title's characters, as well as some of its gameplay features. Again, that doesn't mean that this rumor holds any water, but NetherRealm Studios could surprise fans by officially revealing its existence.

Alien: Blackout

Alien: Blackout seems like it might be one of the worst kept secrets in the video gaming industry. Not only did Fox recently trademark the title, but it was already well known that Cold Iron Studios was working on a new game in the Alien franchise. Speculation began to arise about an official announcement of that title at The Game Awards, though, after Keighley posted a graphic on Twitter with the phrase "Worlds will change" in a font that was exactly like that used by Alien's Weyland Industries. The Game Awards is the perfect place to reveal the game, so this is one of those rumors that has picked up some steam.

Dragon Age 4

Earlier this year, BioWare confirmed that it had plans to work on a fourth installment in its Dragon Age franchise. Now that the year is nearly at an end, this means that the studio may have something to show for it. Most interesting, though, is a blog post made by BioWare that states the following:

“If you’ve been following these blogs, or myself and Mark Darrah on Twitter, you know we’re also working on some secret Dragon Age stuff. Dragon Age is an incredibly important franchise in our studio, and we’re excited to continue its legacy. Look for more on this in the coming month (though I won’t tell you where to look…)”

This blog was posted in November, meaning that a new Dragon Age announcement could arrive with this month's The Game Awards, even if the game is allegedly "years" away.

Harry Potter RPG

In October, footage leaked of a new Harry Potter game that looks like an epic open world RPG. Although posted to Reddit, most video game industry professionals believed that the footage was real and from a game under development by Avalanche Software, a company owned by Warner Bros. With rumors suggesting that the title might release next year, it's about time for Warner Bros. to make an official announcement about it. And where better to make such an announcement than at the last big gaming event of the year, The Game Awards? The timing couldn't be better for an official reveal.

New Splinter Cell Title and/or Far Cry Game

One of the best sources of information about what might get revealed at The Game Awards comes from social media posts made by Keighley. In one of his tweets, he posted a video to promote the awards show, which included some teasers of what viewers can expect. One thing that fans quickly picked up in the video was a short frame of what looks like Sam Fisher wearing the familiar Splinter Cell goggles. Ubisoft has not announced a new Splinter Cell game yet, so why is it in the hype trailer for The Game Awards? It's there because Ubisoft will probably make that announcement during the awards ceremony.

That and they just teased a new post-apocalyptic Far Cry game that looks to be a Far Cry 5 followup...

Fortnite Season 7 / Creative

Although Fortnite is nominated for several awards at The Game Awards and will probably take home a few, it is also likely that some news about season 7 of the title will arrive at some point during the evening. Fortnite season 6 ends on the same day, so it would make sense that an announcement about the next season would end up happening during the awards show. Fortnite is already posting teasers of season 7 on social media, so a grand reveal at the awards ceremony makes perfect sense. Keighley also tweeted that there would be a Fortnite announcement happening during the show.

Death Stranding

It's no secret that Keighley is friends with developer Hideo Kojima, so it would be a shame if Kojima's newest title Death Stranding doesn't get a little love from The Game Awards 2018. Not only can fans probably expect to see a Death Stranding trailer with more gameplay footage, but there is also a great likelihood that Kojima will finally reveal the game's official release date. Death Stranding is a big deal as Kojima's first title since his departure from Konami, so celebrating the announcement of the release date at The Game Awards with his buddy Keighley makes a lot of sense.

Crash Team Racing Remastered

Crash Bandicoot has seen somewhat of a resurgence in gaming and pop culture, so it would make sense that fans might expect to see some news related to Crash at some point this year. That announcement could very well happen at The Game Awards. A tweet from PlayStation Access presenter and channel manager Hollie Bennett (retweeted by Keighley) suggests that a Crash Team Racing remaster will get announced at the event. There are also rumors popping up all over social media about the remaster and several industry professionals seem to believe that there is truth to the speculation.

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