2016 Cinema Supercut Video: Relive the Year in Movies

A supercut of 2016 movies by JTE Tapia for Screen Junkies showcases some of the year's most prominent films, from horror to heroes.

The Year in Movies 2016 Supercut title card

It seems, as we close out the year, the final gag of 2016 has been just how bad 2016 has been. From a recent rash of devastating celebrity deaths to a number of global disasters, this year has become outright notorious. That hasn't stopped the world from turning, though, and the entertainment industry in particular has kept on in its tireless effort to offer us all the occasional on-screen escape - something many of us took advantage of, if 2016's record breaking box office numbers are any indication.

Films have offered viewers a brief break from their daily lives since the dawn of cinema. In recent decades, the industry has only been able to further capitalize on this concept, providing escapist journeys into sci-fi and fantasy worlds that grow more and more elaborate as technology allows them to further develop. 2016 was no exception, as mainstream theaters played a fair number of garden-variety comedies and dramas, but sci-fi/fantasy franchise films dominated the box office. One supercut of some of the year's best-known films highlights this fast-paced year in cinema.

Yesterday, Screen Junkies released a video called "The Year in Movies: 2016 Cinema Supercut" to their YouTube channel. The six-minute montage, assembled by Josh "JTE" Tapia, brings together clips from a number of 2016 movies spanning multiple genres. The first half of the montage is dedicated entirely to the year's more action-packed movies, from Deadpool to Star Trek: Beyond, while the second half branches out into genres like comedy, drama, and animation. Check out the full supercut, above.

Moonlight - Trevante Rhodes and Andre Holland

The montage does appear to reference films specifically for their popularity and cultural specificity, as it's worth noting that this is mainly the year in American cinema, and even then the montage only scrapes the surface. Though it offers a glimpse at some of the year's independent films, they're mainly ones that played in major theaters. And, though the video's description calls this a "best of 2016 Cinema" tribute, the video does not shy away from showcasing films that were critically panned - though they were likely included because of their impressive box office numbers.

Though this montage is certainly representative of this year in popular cinema, it would have been nice to see a few more films that diverged from the 2016 CGI-fueled norm. One of the year's most renowned films, Florence Foster Jenkins, didn't even make the (super)cut, despite its four Golden Globe nominations. The montage is also dominated by images of and conversations between men, which flies in the face of some of the year's most praiseworthy, female-led films. For instance, Felicity Jones and Emma Stone don't get their close-ups, despite leading up recent smashes Rogue One and La La Land, but Ben Affleck and Michael Fassbender get plenty of screen time. Hollywood's gender problem is hardly a well-kept secret, but it seems ridiculous for a montage of all things to feed into that representational void.

This is an entertaining trip down recent memory lane, and a well-cut montage on its own. It just may not be the best representation of cinematic 2016, depending on who you ask.

Source: Screen Junkies

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