12Central Intelligence

Kevin Hart is always going to be funny. This is a given, so it's not a revelation that he's hilarious in the trailer for Central Intelligence. Likewise, you typically know what you're going to get from Dwayne Johnson, which is some kind of riff on the big, muscle-y

tough guy who may or may not (but definitely will) have a soft side.

But you have to love Johnson for the fact that he always commits and just goes for it, even when the material is as silly as this. The trailer quickly introduces him in a startling scene that somehow transforms him (is it CGI? makeup? some unholy union?) into an overweight teenager. A brief-but-important act of kindness by Calvin, aka Hart, earns Bob's friendship, leading to their reunion in the present day. And just like that, Bob now looks like Dwayne Johnson, and he's an adrenaline-loving agent for the CIA who "doesn't like bullies."

It's an odd couple pairing that we've seen a thousand times before, but the trailer works because Hart and Johnson appear to have genuine on-screen chemistry. And as great as Hart is at doing what he always does, the standout is Johnson, who turns in some hysterically subtle line deliveries while reveling in his dangerous lifestyle with a kind of glee that most viewers haven't seen from him before.

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