15The Legend of Hercules - Not Worth It

The Legend of Hercules - Kellan Lutz

Budget: $70M

  • Domestic: $19M
  • Foreign: $43M
  • Worldwide: $62M
  • DVD: $12M


  • IMDb: 4.2
  • RT: 3%
  • SR: 1.5 Stars

This confused excuse for a swords-and-sandals movie seemingly stood no chance of recouping the studio's costs back. Even with former Twilight beefcake Kellan Lutz playing the demi-god and action director Renny Harlin at

the helm, the film just couldn't find an audience either domestically or overseas. The best part of the movie was Scott Adkins as the always angry King Amphitryon, but not even he could save this cinematic misstep.


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