2013 TV Season Finale Dates: A Complete Guide

Over the course of the next eight weeks, season finales, summer premieres, and the announcement of the new 2013-2014 fall line-up awaits eager television fans. But with everything occurring around the same time, it can quickly become a challenge to figure out when all the fall shows will come to an end for the summer (or forever). Fortunately, we’ve got a handy season finale guide to help you out!

Instead of having to blindly rely on your not-always-reliable DVR, we’ve broken the season finales up into 4 parts, so you’ll be able to easily find the end dates of your favorite shows. And now that most networks make episodes available on their website or through Hulu, we’ve also made sure to indicate which shows will not be available to watch online after they air – so keep that in mind as you plan your viewing.

Week 1 & 2: The Warm-Up

Like the title suggests, these two weeks are merely a taste of what’s to come. With Bones, The Following, Parks and Recreation, The Mentalist, Community and Person of Interest taking top spots in this group of finales, you’ll be able to easily pick and choose which finales to watch – and because all but two will be available online the day after they air, you can also decide when you’ll watch them.

*Designates shows not available online the day after airing

MONDAY, APRIL 298PM – Bones (FOX)9PM - The Following (FOX)

THURSDAY, MAY 28PM - Wife Swap (ABC)9:30PM - Parks and Recreation (NBC)

FRIDAY, MAY 38PM - Happy Endings (ABC)


SUNDAY, MAY 58PM - The Amazing Race (CBS)10PM - The Mentalist (CBS)10PM - Red Widow (ABC)

Community season 5 finale airs Thursday, May 9 @8pm on NBC

TUESDAY, MAY 78PM - Hart of Dixie (CW)Splash (NBC) 

THURSDAY, MAY 98PM - Community (NBC)Two and a Half Men (CBS)*9PM – Glee (FOX)Person of Interest (CBS)*

FRIDAY, MAY 108PM - Fashion Star (NBC)Kitchen Nightmares (FOX)Touch (FOX)Undercover Boss (CBS)9PM - Vegas (CBS)10PM - Blue Bloods (CBS)


Week 3: The Battle Begins

It’s on! These next two weeks are where it can really become a challenge to watch everything you’d like on television. With almost 50 season premieres airing within this timeframe, you’ll have to keep a close eye on the listed dates and times, making sure nothing overlaps. Luckily, if you do happen to find yourself stuck with too many finales to watch at the same time, you’ll be happy to know that all but 3 of these TV shows make their episodes available the next day.

SUNDAY, MAY 128PM - Once Upon a Time (ABC)Survivor: Caramoan (CBS)8:30PM - Bob’s Burgers (FOX)9PM - Revenge (ABC)9:30PM - American Dad (FOX)

MONDAY, MAY 138PM - How I Met Your Mother (CBS)90210 (CW)9PM - 2 Broke Girls (CBS)*10PM - Castle (ABC) 

TUESDAY, MAY 148PM - NCIS (CBS)9PM - NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)New Girl (FOX)9:30PM - The Mindy Project (FOX)10PM - Golden Boy (CBS)* 

WEDNESDAY, MAY 158PM - American Idol (FOX)Arrow (CW)9PM - Supernatural (CW)10PM - Chicago Fire (NBC)CSI (CBS) 

The Office series finale airs Thursday, May 16 @9pm on NBC

THURSDAY, MAY 168PM - American Idol (FOX)The Big Bang Theory (CBS)The Vampire Diaries (CW)9PM - Beauty and the Beast (CW)Elementary (CBS)Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)The Office (NBC)10PM - Scandal (ABC)

FRIDAY, MAY 178PM – Nikita (CW)Shark Tank (ABC)Undercover Boss: Epic Bosses (CBS)

SATURDAY, MAY 1811:30PM - Saturday Night Live (NBC)

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