2013 Movies: The 10 Riskiest Box Office Bets (Revisited)

In January of 2013, we chose 10 films we thought would be the Riskiest Box Office Bets of the year - i.e., films we thought would have the hardest time finding success, either financially or critically. Now it's time to take a look back and see just how accurate - or off the mark - we were.

To determine if the reward was worth the studio's risk we'll take into account a couple factors: Listed Budget Compared to domestic and international box office returns, as well as Rotten Tomatoes/IMDb/Screen Rant ratings.

Each film will receive a "Worth It" or "Not Worth It" risk assessment and then we can discuss (or argue) in the comments about how right or wrong we were.

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2013 Movies: The 10 Riskiest Box Office Bets (Revisited)