Opens: July 3rd

Budget: $250 Million

TV SHOW MOVIES FAIL – There have been over a hundred TV show-based movies and only a handful of them have been financially successful; yet, every year a new TV show-based movie hits theaters. Hollywood just keeps throwing money at these fruitless endeavors hoping that they will turn out to be the next Star Trek or Mission Impossible and not Dudley Do-Right or McHale’s Navy. If we kept doing something with a success rate of 5% we’d stop investing any money – let alone 250 million dollars.

WHITE MAN CASTING – Hollywood seems to have a problem casting ethnic characters with well,…ethnic actors. Disney cast Johnny Depp as Tonto – The Lone Ranger’s faithful companion – a move that obviously made to help draw in audiences. Nothing against Depp, but he is only partly (very partly) Native American. With plenty of great Native American actors around to portray the character made famous by Jay Silverheels, we wonder if going this route is something audiences may ultimately reject?

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