Opens: March 8th

Budget: $200 Million

UNCALLED FOR PREQUEL – The last time James Franco was in a prequel that no one asked for (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), it turned out well for all parties involved. However, a 45-year-old sci-fi film is a far cry from a 74-year-old classic musical. Producing a modern prequel for a popular and beloved classic like The Wizard of Oz has the potential for ugly critical and financial repercussions.

CHANGING THE STORY – To make Oz the Great and Powerful, director Sam Raimi once again had to take liberties with a well-known story, like he did in Spider-Man. Because the original Oz remains popular with audiences of all generations, viewers will watch expecting to see something familiar. If they see something they feel is an extreme departure from the source material, they could rebuff the film and it would be sunk before the midnight showings even finish. The last thing Disney wants is this movie to be the John Carter of 2013.

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