Opens: July 12th

Budget: $200 Million

STUDIO MEDDLING – Guillermo del Toro has a fantastic eye for creating unique monsters then using them to produce great sci-fi/horror films. The man is a genius at what he does and studios should trust him to continuously deliver top-notch films, but apparently Warner Bros doesn’t have faith that Pacific Rim will recoup its blockbuster-size budget without the help of 3D. WB pressed ahead with the 3D conversion even though del Toro said the format wouldn’t work for his film. Audiences are slowly growing tired of post-converted 3D films, choosing to watch 2D versions of movies and spending the few extra bucks only on films shot in native 3D.

AUDIENCE EXPECATIONS – Unsurprisingly, Pacific Rim is one of our Most Anticipated Movies of 2013 but we’re fanboys – what will the general movie-going audience think? Since the success of Transformers, people may go in expecting all robots to have the same quick movements during fight scenes, but the Jaegers in PR will move very slow in comparison. If audiences feel the “stars” of the movie don’t live up to expectations, then this flick could be doomed, financially.

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