'2012' Viral Site: Witness The End of The World

Want to brighten your day? Then how about learning all the ways in which the world can - and might - end. Solar flares, tectonic shifts, collisions with "Planet X" - all the good stuff. On the bright side: you can sign up now to be selected as the leader of the post-apocalyptic world should you survive the great catastrophe that wipes out the rest of us in the year 2012.

Ok, so maybe it's just a new viral website for Roland Emmerich's (Independence Day) hundredth upcoming global catastrophe flick, 2012, which plays off the ancient Mayan prophecy that we're all going get wiped out in three years time.

And I for one say good riddance (kidding, kidding).

The 2012 viral site is cleverly titled "The Institute for Human Continuity" (I.H.C.) and features the aforementioned disaster scenarios which you can watch in digital simulation - complete with a video game-style health bar at the bottom of the screen that drains away as humanity is wiped out of existence. Cheery.

The destruction scenarios are easily the best feature of the site; once you get into all the faux happenings of the I.H.C., it gets pretty boring, pretty quickly. But the disaster scenarios are cool - they kind of creep me out with their psuedo-science that could conceivably turn out to be real. All I need is to wake up tomorrow and have solar flares to deal with on top of everything else...

Oh, and if you visit the site, remember to register for the "Survival Lottery" now - if you one be one of the chosen few let into the bunker come Judgment Day.

2012 occurs on November 13, 2009.

Source: I.H.C. Official Site

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