2011 Fall TV Update: Renewed & Canceled Shows

The fall television premiere season is now behind us. Find out which new series have been renewed, which have been canceled, and which ones are waiting to have their fate decided.

TV Season Finale Guide

Now that the three-month extended fall television season is finally over, it’s time to look back at the 28 shows that premiered and find out where they all stand.

With news of renewals and cancelations tending to come all at once, finding out the status of your new favorite television shows can get a bit confusing. With only so many hours in the day available for watching TV, the last thing you’d want to happen is to “get into” a show, only to tune in and find out that it’s no longer on the air because it's been canceled since October.

28 new television series premiered this fall. Of the new series, you’ll be happy to hear that 17 have already been renewed. Unfortunately, 5 have already been canceled, and 6 have yet to be decided. That being said, the majority of the “yet to be decided” series are on the verge of being canceled, though nothing official has been announced (yet).

To help point your DVRs in the right direction in regards to the “yet to be decided” shows, we made sure to throw in our predictions of what’s going to happen, based on the information known - because, you know, we like to give you things to complain about in the comments ;-).


Charlie's Angels - CANCELED

Charlie's Angels - ABC

Premiered: Thursday, September 22 @8pm

RatingsPremiere: 8.76 million viewersAverage: 6.24 million viewersLowest:  5.10 million viewers

Status:  On October 14th, Charlie's Angels was canceled after airing four episodes. Three additional episodes were aired, with a final episode never making it to air.


Last Man Standing - RENEWED

Last Man Standing - ABC

Premiered: Tuesday, October 11 @8pmRatingsPremiere: 13.19 million viewersAverage: 10.45 million viewersLowest:  9.06 million viewers

Status: On November 30, ABC picked up Last Man Standing for a full season order of twenty-two episodes.


 Man Up! - TBD

Man Up! - ABC

Premieres: Tuesday, October 18 @8:30pmRatingsPremiere: 7.78 million viewersAverage: 6.61 million viewersLowest:  6.22 million viewers

Status:  While ABC isn't officially announcing Man Up!'s cancellation, production on the series has been stopped.

Prediction: Expect a cancellation announcement soon.


Once Upon a Time - RENEWED

Once Upon A Time - ABC

Premiered: Sunday, October 23 @8pm

RatingsPremiere: 12.93 million viewersAverage: 11.63 million viewersLowest:  10.69 million viewers

Status: On November 3rd, ABC picked up Once Upon a Time for full season order of 22 episodes.

Pan Am - TBD

Pan Am - ABC

Premiered: Sunday, September 25 @10pmRatingsPremiere: 11.06 million viewersAverage: 6.62 million viewersLowest:  5.17 million viewers

Status: Despite rumors of Pam Am being canceled, ABC is stating that the series is still in production, though no additional episodes have been ordered.

Prediction:  With recent episodes circling the 5 million viewers-per-episode mark, Pan Am is slowly making its descent into cancelation.


Revenge -RENEWED 

Revenge - ABC

Premiered: Wednesday, September 21 @10pmRatingsPremiere: 10.02 million viewersAverage: 8.30 million viewersLowest:  7.30 million viewers

Status: On October 13, ABC picked up Revenge for a full season order of 22 episodes.


Suburgatory - RENEWED

Suburgatory - ABC

Premiered: Wednesday, September 28 @8:30pm

RatingsPremiere: 9.81 million viewersAverage: 9.02 million viewersLowest:  7.30 million viewers

Status: On October 13, ABC picked up Suburgatory for a full season order for 22 episodes.


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