2011 TV Season Finale Schedule


Ready your DVR and replace the batteries in your remote (and, no, switching them around doesn’t count), because it’s that time of year again - to say goodbye to many of your favorite television shows.

While most, if not all, of your favorites shows will be returning this fall, there happens to be a select few series that are signing off for good - even if they're not yet aware of it. The most notable television show coming to an end this year is Smallville. After 10 years on the air, fans will finally see Clark Kent embrace his destiny and become Superman.

Even though Smallville isn’t the only series coming to an end, it is one of the only shows to have officially scheduled its series finale. As many other series finales may come from so-called “bubble shows,” you may not be aware that you're watching the final episode of your favorite show until after the fact.

With over 70 finales scheduled for next month, figuring out your television watching schedule for May is not going to be easy. Fortunately, we have attempted to take all of the hassle out of your television viewing, and provided you with a complete schedule for this year’s television season finales.

2011 TV Season Finale Schedule

May 1

8pm – America’s Next Great Restaurant (NBC)

9pm – Undercover Boss (CBS)

May 4

10pm – Justified (FX)

May 5

10pm – 30 Rock (NBC)

May 6

9pm – Fringe (FOX)

May 8

8pm – The Amazing Race (CBS)

10pm – Brothers & Sisters (ABC) 

10pm – CSI: Miami (CBS)

May 11

8:30pm – Better With You (ABC)


May 12

8pm – Community (NBC)

8pm – The Vampire Diaries (The CW)

9pm – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS)

9pm – Nikita (The CW)

10:30pm – Outsourced (NBC)

May 13

8pmSmallville (The CW) [SERIES FINALE]

9pm – CSI: NY (CBS)

10pm – Blue Bloods (CBS)

May 15

8pm – Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC)

8pm – Survivor: Redemption Island (CBS)

9pm – Desperate Housewives (ABC)

9:30pm – The Cleveland Show (FOX)

May 16

8pm – 90210 (The CW)

8pm – Chuck (NBC)

8pm – How I Met Your Mother (CBS)

8:30pm – Mad Love (CBS)

9pm – Gossip Girl (The CW)

9pm – Mike & Molly (CBS)

10pm – Castle (ABC)


10pm – Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)

May 17

8pm – Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (ABC)

8pm – NCIS (CBS)

8pm – One Tree Hill (The CW)

9pm – Hellcats (The CW)

9pm – NCIS: LA (CBS)

9pm – Raising Hope (FOX)

9:30pm - Traffic Light (FOX)

10pm – The Good Wife (CBS)

May 18

8pm – America’s Next Top Model (The CW)

9pm – Criminal Minds (CBS)

9:30pm – Breaking In (FOX)

10pm – Happy Endings (ABC)

10pm – Law & Order: SVU (NBC)

May 19

8pm – The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

8pm – Wipeout (ABC)

8:30pm - Rules of Engagement (CBS)

9pm – Bones (FOX)

9pm – Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

9pm – The Office (NBC)

9pm – The Mentalist (CBS)

10pm – Parks and Recreation (NBC)

10pm – Private Practice (ABC)

May 20

8pm – Shark Tank (ABC)

8pm – Kitchen Nightmares (FOX)

8pm – Supernatural (The CW)

May 21

11:30pm – Saturday Night Live (NBC)

May 22

7pm – America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC)

7:30pm – American Dad (FOX)

8pm – The Simpsons (FOX)

8:30pm – Bob’s Burgers (FOX)

9pm – Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

9pm – Family Guy (FOX)

May 23

8pm – Dancing With the Stars (ABC)

8pm – House (FOX)

9pm – The Chicago Code (FOX)

9pm – The Event (NBC)

May 24

8pm – American Idol (FOX)

8pm – The Biggest Loser (NBC)

9pm - Dancing With the Stars Results (ABC)


9pm - Glee (FOX)

May 25

8pm – American Idol Results (FOX)

8pm – The Middle (ABC)

9pm - Modern Family (ABC)

9:30pm – Cougar Town (ABC)

10pm – Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior (CBS)


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