20 New Year's Resolutions For Hollywood

New Year Resolutions for Hollywood's Bad Movies of 2010

The new year is all about starting over, and while Hollywood had a good year at the box office, it could still learn a lesson or two from its mistakes in 2010. While the year was a lucrative and successful one, there were still things that could have been better. And why do we fall? So that we might learn to pick ourselves up.

The problems are too consistent to expect Hollywood to fix them by itself. Luckily, we (meaning us AND you) are here to help. Some of the most memorable films in decades hit theaters this year, but misfires were far from absent. Check out our list of the 10 Worst Movies of 2010 or the 5 Most Disappointing Films of 2010 to see just how far off the mark some 2010 films really were.

While we all have a few ideas to improve movies in the coming year, most films that come out in 2011 are already well underway. Still, good advice goes a long way - and Hollywood can use every ounce of it. It's just about impossible to get a movie perfect in everyone's eyes, but if you noticed anything that could be improved in recent films you've seen, share it with us in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, let's get into our resolutions for Hollywood to follow in 2011:


  1. Never make a trilogy out of a comedy, no matter how much money you can milk out of the franchise.
  2. When casting Katherine Heigl, get Emma Stone instead. The same goes for Lindsay Lohan.
  3. When making a parody, make fun of the film in question instead of selling out to pop culture trends.
  4. Stop casting legendary actor ensembles without a solid script in an effort to make money.
  5. Don’t let your story get lost in its own complicated structure.
  6. Nicholas Sparks novels are not all hard-wired for success on the big screen.
  7. Don’t let M. Night Shyamalan direct. It’s okay if he writes or produces, though.
  8. If you are going to make a 3D movie, shoot it in 3D.
  9. Work harder to keep your surprise cameos a surprise.
  10. Leave the animated work to Pixar. Well... DreamWorks can come too based on recent work.
  11. Remember that there are more Superman villains than Lex Luthor.
  12. Promote your movies accurately. See Catfish for more details.
  13. Don’t let the MPAA get you down – bad publicity can be good publicity.
  14. Animals can’t talk. Stop trying to make it believable in live action films.
  15. Use practical effects instead of CGI whenever possible.
  16. You can’t truly replace a real actor with a motion capture rendition of him/her.
  17. Stop mining our collective childhood for movie ideas. Board games were not meant to be movies.
  18. Just because it was a success twenty years ago doesn't mean you should remake it or create a belated sequel.
  19. The vampire trend is over. Find a new one.
  20. Shaky cam does not always make an action movie better. Neither do snap zooms.

We still love movies, despite all their flaws. The key is to remember that while most every work of art can be improved, perfection is subjective. Everyone's view of quality entertainment is different, so naturally you may not agree with all the above resolutions.

Take a look at some of the successes of 2010 and why they worked. Inception did everything in its power to be original. The Social Network and 127 Hours injected style into stories that could have easily been failures. Flipped and Blue Valentine proved everyone has a story to tell, but it won't amount to a thing without some focus from the cast and crew.

Leave your thoughts below on how Hollywood can improve upon its mistakes of 2010. We all look forward to an exciting 2011 and hopefully next year's resolutions will be a shorter list.

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