SR Pick [Video]: 2011 Movies - The Year of the Alien

2011 may be defined by a massive number of 3D movies, but there are also quite a few alien invasion movies hitting movie theaters - and we've put them all together in one flashy trailer.

2011 The Year Of The Alien Trailer

The entertainment industry runs in cycles (we're looking at you, vampires) and 2011 will be no different. While 3D movies run amok, a slew of alien movies will also touch down in theaters this year.

In honor of the extraterrestrial trend, we've put together a trailer for 2011: The Year of the Alien.

There's no guarantee these movies will be good, but there's also no question we will see plenty of interplanetary action. Skyline kicked off the alien trend last year with a less-than-impressive $55 million at the worldwide box office (not to mention less-than-impressive reviews). If 2011 movies are any better, we could be in for $1 billion in ticket sales (we're looking at you, Transformers 3).

The video features eight of the nine feature films slated for a 2011 release. In the mashup you'll find snippets from Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Cowboys & Aliens, Green Lantern, Super 8, I Am Number Four, Mars Needs Moms, Paul and Battle: Los Angeles. The Darkest Hour is the only 2011 alien flick without any released footage yet.

Check it out:


The 2011 movie slate includes a variety of interactions with extraterrestrials. Some films present them as a hostile species, while others add a dose of humanity. No matter how the relationships unfold, there will be plenty of aliens this year, so get your proton gun ready.

And the trend won't end this year - alien movies will continue to invade theaters beyond 2011. Peter Berg's Battleship will add aliens to the mix in the theatrical adaptation of the popular board game and Ridley Scott is currently working on a prequel to the Alien saga. But we'll address those films (god willing) in 2012. ;-)

Here are the release dates for the 2011 alien movie extravaganza:

I Am Number Four hides in theaters February 18th.

Mars Needs Moms takes off in theaters March 11th.

Battle: Los Angeles heads to theaters March 11th.

Paul cracks up theaters March 18th.

Super 8 unleashes on theaters June 10th.

Green Lantern flies into theaters June 17th.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon explodes in theaters July 1st.

Cowboys & Aliens lands in theaters July 29th.

For this year's full slate of ALL movies, check out our comprehensive 2011 Movie Preview.

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