The Ultimate 2010 Summer Movie Trailer

2010 summer movie trailers

Summer 2010 should be a fantastic time for films fans.  Animation, action, suspense, comedy, thrillers and some films with combinations of the above genres means there is going to be something out there for everyone.

New Screen Rant scribe Mike Eisenberg has a great talent for video editing as well as writing, and we’re fortunate enough to have him on our team to bring you videos like the one below. This weekend he took his skills and applied them to making The Ultimate 2010 Summer Movie Trailer by taking all of the most popular upcoming films and mashing them together to make one fantastically awesome movie trailer.

But first, if you're curious about what this summer’s line up looks like then be sure to check out our 2010 Summer Movie Preview to see exactly when each tent pole movie hits theaters. Just about every film coming out this summer has a trailer to go with it, the notable exception of Jonah Hex.

Now if this trailer doesn’t get you super-excited to watch a new movie every Friday this summer then you could quite possibly be dead inside and I feel sad for you. Watch and enjoy right here:


If you have trouble naming each of the 24 movies included in our trailer mash-up, here's the list. Click on a film title to view the full trailer for each movie:

Inception -- Iron Man 2 -- Robin Hood --Predators -- Scott Pilgrim vs. the World -- Salt -- Knight & Day --The A-Team -- MacGruber-- The Sorcerer’s Apprentice -- Killers – Splice -- The Other Guys -- The Karate Kid -- Shrek Forever After -- Toy Story 3 -- Despicable Me -- The Last Airbender -- The Expendables -- The Twilight Saga: Eclipse -- Dinner for Schmucks -- Get Him to the Greek -- Grown Ups -- Sex and the City 2

Want a good idea of how long it took Mike to make this masterpiece of trailer goodness? Just to watch all 24 trailers without cutting and editing them will take you at least an hour, assuming of course that each trailer is two and half minutes long.

This isn’t Mike’s first trailer mash-up he’s done for Screen Rant. A few weeks ago he took all of the Inception movie footage that has been released so far and made one long seamless trailer for the film. If you missed it before check it out now:

Inception Extended Trailer

Check back often for more exclusive video work for Screen Rant done by Mike and be sure to watch for our San Diego Comic Con video coverage this coming July.

What did you think of our Ultimate 2010 Summer Movie Trailer - and would you like to see more videos like this from Screen Rant in the future? Which film are you looking forward to most this summer?

If you liked what you saw in the trailer, be sure to head over to our 2010 Summer Movie Preview for details on each film, along with release dates. Thanks for watching.

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