Missed Something? Our 2009 San Diego Comic-Con Wrap-Up

I started this on the flight home after the insanity that is the San Diego Comic-Con (Wi-Fi in the air rocks), and I thought it would be a good idea to give you a "one-stop shopping" post for everything we covered this year.

For 2009 we had Rob Keyes and Kofi Outlaw (along with guest contributor Ryan Connors) in addition to Bruce Simmons and myself, so we were able to bring you a LOT more coverage than we did last year. Everyone worked their tail off and did an awesome job - and we had Ross Miller going into overdrive at home covering ongoing non-Comic-Con related news (Ross is a news writing ANIMAL).

I was fortunate enough to be chosen to speak at this year's Masters of the Web panel, and we attended the Wrath of Con party (where Rob had WAAAAY too much fun, getting his picture taken with every celebrity in site). :) I finally met the legendary Harry Knowles of Ain't It Cool News and chatted with a bunch of other movie site pals. It was a HUGE bash.

We also attended the MGM/Stargate Universe bash where I had a great time chatting with a couple of fellows from and got a chance to meet Kerry O'Quinn, founder of Starlog Magazine - which was one of the things that triggered my love for Sci-Fi films.

On to coverage...

I finally counted it all up and we brought you over 40 Comic-Con stories over the 4 days of the event (we rock!).

I'd say the big winner at Comic-Con this year was once again: Iron Man. Director Jon Favreau and especially Robert Downey Jr. played to the crowd big time and brought some rockin' footage from the film, including a shot of, yes, WAR MACHINE. Check out our blow by blow from the Iron Man 2 panel (and check out the first look at the new Iron Man armor from the film).

Next up is a battle for second place between Avatar and Kick-Ass (which as I'm writing this STILL doesn't have a distributor - I'm sure it'll have one very, very soon). I didn't see the Avatar footage, but from the buzz I'm hearing Kick-Ass gets wins the second place spot. I watched the footage and it was crazy-awesome, with a standing ovation at the end of the panel.

For our reports on both, check out Kick-Ass Panel: 2009 Comic-Con and James Cameron’s Avatar is Epic.

As for the rest, first we have move-related news:

Find out what's happening with the sequel in our Wanted 2 Update.

This one will be either good or bad news depending on your perspective: Rob Zombie Says ‘Never’ to Halloween 3.

Disney distributes an anime film in Ponyo Trailer is a Throwback to Good 80’s Animation.

Check out the latest on the upcoming Tron sequel: Tron 2 Trailer, Name Change, Concept Art At Comic-Con.

Check out the word on this movie that's still looking for U.S. distribution: Solomon Kane is Surprisingly Very Awesome.

It looks like the latest version of the classic story may be creepier than we've seen before:Is Zemeckis’ Christmas Carol A Horror Film?. We also talk about the 3D movies coming from Disney in Disney 3D Showcases A Christmas Carol.

We've been pretty hard on Roland Emmerich's next disaster flick 2012 based on his last two movies, but when we saw the footage from the upcoming film we had to call this one Destructively Fun Times With 2012.

After rubber suits and a CGI version, it looks like we may finally get the TMNT movie that fans of the original comic book have been wating for: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Movie Will Be Dark.

Like zombies? Like comedies? Then it looks like we may have the movie for you in Zombieland Pleases The Hordes.

Speaking of comedies, Mike Judge, the man who brought us the cult classic Office Space is back with Extract.

Ranking high on our "Hottest thing to come out of Comic-Con" is the upcoming Sci-Fi movie: District 9 Has Big Presence At Comic-Con.

One movie that I thought would be getting more buzz than it has is one being produced by Tim Burton: Panel for Shane Acker’s 9 (With Wanted 2 Update).

Here's one that might sneak up on people - the footage looked pretty cool and the audience responded well to ‘Legion’ Brings Angels With Machine Guns.

Looking for a real vampire movie? How about Thirst: The Anti-Twilight?

On the other hand, Summit’s New Moon Panel is Topless & Awkward.

This video game based movie idea has been kicking around for a while: More Details on the ‘Castlevania’ Movie.

Warner Bros.had some great things to show us including Where the Wild Things Are, Jonah Hex, The Book of Eli and a first look at Jackie Earle Haley in the new Nightmare on Elm Street: Warner Bros. Panel - Comic-Con 2009. Related to that is news on Where The Wild Things Are IMAX Release.

Either you're fan of Terry Gilliam films or you're not, but the appeal to his latest film may be the fact that it's Heath Ledger's final film: Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus.

Another film high on the anticipation list: Tim Burton Unveils Alice in Wonderland Footage & Surprise Guest!

Geoff Johns Tries NOT to Discuss The Flash & Green Lantern Movies, but we still manage to pry a few details loose.

The lovely Kristen Bell was in attendance at the Astro Boy Panel.

And now on to some TV/DVD related items...

And speaking of new versions of old classics, check out the scoop on a new version of 1950s Sci-Fi classics at the Alien Trespass Panel.

Smallville fan? We learned some BIG news here: Smallville Comic-Con 2009 Panel.

Our writer Rob Keyes must have had a reason to name this one: Heroes Panel (Spock vs. Spock & Claire Kissing Girls).

As usual, the producers of Lost entertain the crowd but reveal very little in the Lost Final Season Panel.

Dollhouse made it its second season by the skin of its teeth, get the latest here: Dollhouse Comic-Con 2009 Panel.

Find out what horrible things are in store for Jack Bauer next season at the Comic-Con 24 Panel.

As far as TV series go, the True Blood Comic-Con Panel was a pretty hot topic.

Get the background info on Caprica / BSG: The Plan.

Stargate isn't dead, find out what to expect with Stargate Universe.

Fan favorite Bruce Campbell rocks the Burn Notice Panel.

Will the upcoming Sci-Fi TV show Flash Forward be any good - we've seen a preview.

We have a review of the animated Green Lantern: First Flight.

Never heard of Glee? Me neither until this week, but it's sounding pretty good: Glee Season Premiere Hits a High Note at Comic-Con.

And finally we have an interview with the legendary Stan Lee.

If we can get the whole image mass upload thing figured out, look for maybe one or two picture posts in the next few days.

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