SR Pick [Video]: 2009 Movie Trailer Mash-Up

Last week in one of our Screen Rant picks, we showcased a 4-minute long video highlighting a total of 50 movie trailers from the last couple of years. It wasn't advertising any movies in particular but acted more like of a trailer for a singular movie all on its own - one that could give both Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich a run for their money!

Today we have another similar video, only this time it's a mash-up of trailers for the movies of 2009. It's a lot shorter - so for those of you slacking off work it won't take long! :P  - but just as well put together. It highlights all kinds of movies (and their trailers), from Sherlock Holmes to The Ugly Truth, from Transformers 2 to The Men Who Stare At Goats - radically different movies all mashed together into one coherent piece.

So here's the mash-up, courtesy of (special thanks to FilmSchoolRejects for pointing us towards it):

There will probably be a whole slew of video mash-ups to celebrate the year of movies that was 2009, and no doubt we'll all get sick of seeing them. But for the time being, they're very cool to watch, particularly as someone who follows daily movie news and the trailers it regularly brings.

What do you think of this 2009 movie trailer mash-up?

Source: (thanks to FilmSchoolRejects)

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