Screen Rant's 2009 Fall Movie Preview

As the days become shorter, and the nights become cooler, there is one thing on the horizon that all of us are quickly becoming aware of - the arrival of a slew of exciting 2009 Fall Movies. What's always been great about this time of year is that it's not just about "horror films" or movies that are made to touch the holiday hearts that burgeon each year as turkey, Santa and New Year's Eve stretch into the new year and beyond.

The menu is varied, wide open and we hope - satisfying. While we couldn't list them all, please join us as we quickly chronicle what lies ahead in Screen Rant's 2009 Fall Movie Preview!



WhiteoutSeptember 11th, 2009The Scoop: Pretty little starlet Kate Beckinsale takes on this graphic novel turned killer-thriller. Beckinsale plays a U.S. Marshall investigating Antarctica's first homicide as the sun sets for six entire months. Will she find the killer in the cold dark before he finds her?

SR Says: The trailer paints this movie as more X-Files than detective story, which could confuse some on the premise. However, cold weather and hot Beckinsale = worth the ticket price?

See it? Maybe.


The Informant!September 18, 2009The Scoop: Director Steven Soderbergh helms an all-star cast providing you "a mix of A Beautiful Mind and The Insider." Damon plays the exec of a agri-business giant who goes overboard working as a snitch for the Feds. It's bi-polar, whistle-blowing storytelling at it's best!

SR Says: It's going to be amazing to see what this cast can pull off under Soderbergh's direction with such an involved script.

See it? Yes.


Jennifer's BodySeptember 18, 2009The Scoop: Megan Fox plays a possessed cheerleader, with a fetish for feasting on boys (and girls). Hot sexy teens, girl on girl kissing/rubbing and more social satire from Juno writer Diablo Cody.

SR Says: Depends on how you feel about Megan Fox looking both sexy and grotesque in one film.

See it? If you like teen horror flicks, or are a devotee of Cody.


PandorumSeptember 25, 2009The Scoop: Ben Foster and Dennis Quaid star as two astronauts who wake up on an abandoned future spacecraft and have no idea what's happened. As with all things in movies, time unveils the "truth" of what they face - a ship full of crazy space monsters.

SR Says: Dennis Quaid has had some woofers lately, but Ben Foster always offers something unique. MMA fans may recognize cast member Cung Le as the current Strikeforce Middleweight Champion, which guarantees at least two raucous fights in this thriller.

See it? Yes.


SurrogatesSeptember 25th, 2009The Scoop: In a future where people live life through robotic surrogates, Bruce Willis plays a cop who must venture back into the real world to investigate a string of crimes involving people dying while connected to their Surrogates.

SR Says: Jonathan Mostow is an underrated director, and seeing Bruce "alive" again, with great f/x and a bit of gravitas sounds like a great combination.

See it? Absolutely.

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