2009 Box Office Crosses the $10 Billion Mark

Earlier this month I reported that 2009 will be a "milestone year" for Hollywood, now that prediction has been confirmed, as 2009 ticket sales for America and Canada are projected to have crossed the $10 billion mark as of Tuesday, as reported by Reuters.

I won't bore you to death with all the ins and outs about what made 2009 such a profitable year for the movie biz - if you want that info be sure to hop on over to our Summer 2009 box office report, and our record 2009 box office profits posts. In this post, we'll look at the films that helped put the box office over the mark.

Have you heard of a little movie called Avatar? No? Well, it's this little indie project that was whipped together by director James Cameron (Terminator, Titanic). With Avatar setting new records for a December opening, it's no surprise that ticket sales have pushed past the $10 billion this early.

I say "this early" because Christmas is yet upon us, and with the holiday comes a last minute boost in movie ticket sales; families need something to do after those big holiday dinners! With the new adaptation of Sherlock Holmes already creating a buzz (and earning fairly positive reviews) it's going to be no surprise if that film and Avatar pass the ticket sale baton back and forth all the way across the 2009 finish line.

The only real question left to ask this year is: how far past the $10 billion mark will the 2009 box office finish?

Again, for a look back on the numbers that made this all possible, go HERE, HERE and HERE.

Happy Holidays, all. Have fun at the movies.

Sources: Reuters via Coming Soon

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