R.I.P. 2008: A Rough Year For Hollywood

TCM (Turner Classic Movies) has put together their version of a tribute video which you can watch below, and it gave me the same feelings I just mentioned (I wasn't aware they do one every year). It's a beautiful video and very classy. They did miss a couple of people which I mention below.

I would suggest you watch the video before moving on to the list of names below it. It includes actors, directors, composers, screenwriters, animators, etc. A wide cross-section of the many facets of Hollywood film production, and those who make movies possible.

They're all sad of course, but there are a few of particular note to me. Notable in their passing are such greats as Richard Widmark, Charlton Heston, Roy Scheider, Sydney Pollack and Paul Newman. Also striking a chord for me are Edie Adams, Stan Winston, Van Johnson, Robert J. Anderson (he played young George Bailey in It's a Wonderful Life), Harvey Korman, Michael Chrichton and Suzanne Pleshette.

Here's the complete list of those who passed away in 2008 and are shown in the video:

Abby Mann

Anita Page

Anthony Minghella

Arthur C. Clarke

Ben Chapman (he played the title role in The Creature from the Black Lagoon)

Bernie Mac

Brad Renfro

Breno Mello

Charles H. Joffe

Charlton Heston

Cyd Charisse

Delmar Watson

Dick Martin

Dino Risi

Dody Goodman

Don LaFontaine (voiceover king)

Edie Adams

Estelle Reiner

Eva Dahlbeck

Evelyn Keyes

Forrest J. Ackerman

Fred Crane

George Carlin

Guillaume Depardieu

Harvey Korman

Hazel Court

Heath Ledger

Irving Brecher

Isaac Hayes

Jean Delannoy

Jerry Reed

John Michael Hayes

John Phillip Law

Joseph Pevney

Joy Page (the young and recently wedded woman in Casablanca)

Jules Dassin

Julie Ege

June Travis

Ken Ogata

Kon Ichikawa

Leonard Rosenman

Lois Nettleton

Malvin Wald

Marpessa Dawn

Mel Ferrer

Michael Chrichton

Michael Kidd

Michael Pate

Nina Foch

Ollie Johnston

Paul Benedict

Paul Newman

Paul Scofield

Perry Lopez

Richard Widmark

Robert Arthur

Robert Do Qui

Robert J. Anderson

Roy Scheider

Stan Winston

Suzanne Pleshette

Sydney Pollack


Van Johnson

These folks also died this year but were not in the video above:

Bettie Page

Eartha Kitt

Estelle Getty

Jim McKay

Majel Barrett-Roddenberry

Roberta Collins

Tim Russert

And I suppose this would be a good place to send out condolences to John Travolta and his family over the death of his son, Jett... money and fame it seems, cannot protect one from tragedy.

Hat Tip: /Film

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