2008 Comic-Con Day 1:Crowds And More Crowds

Well Comic-Con hasn't REALLY started, but today (Wednesday) was "Preview" day. Screen Rant contributor Bruce Simmons and I went to the San Diego Convention Center to register and it took us well over an hour and a half of waiting in line to get our press passes.

We spent some time walking the floor of the main area and as it turned out Bruce is quite the photography buff so this year you'll actually get some decent pictures to go with our Comic-Con coverage.

The place was incredibly crowded considering the fact that tonight was preview night - only people who had purchased four day passes were allowed access and the place was wall to wall people. I can't imagine what it will be like on Saturday!

We spent well over an hour and a half waiting in a very long line to get our press passes for the Con, leaving us about an hour to check out the floor of the main hall, which is MASSIVE. We could not believe the number of people there on preview night considering that only those who have 4 day passes had access. I can not imagine what the place will be like on Saturday!

I didn't know that Bruce is a photography bug, but you'll benefit from it as we'll have more images to go with our Comic-Con coverage than last year: Below you can find a gallery of images from the Con so far.

There I am geeking out with a full size mockup of the Iron Monger armor from Iron Man.

We took some time to walk the floor then head back to the hotel to regroup (meaning: figure out how to get into the DC Universe party that I forgot to RSVP to).

There's me (looking scary-insane) and Bruce having way too much fun at the DC Universe party on Wednesday night.

Tomorrow the panels begin and being a last-minute guy, I'm working out what exactly we'll be covering. The highlights will be the (cough) Day the Earth Stood Still panel and The Watchmen panel. Speaking of Watchmen, they had a full size mockup of Night Owl's ship on the floor which was pretty damned cool.

We'll be providing daily coverage on various goings-on over the next few days. If you want to see a few more pics from the Con, check out the images below.


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