2007 Comic-Con Marvel Panel

This post will be updated as the panel progresses.

The head of came out and announced that we were present at the first ever Marvel Studios panel.

First was The Incredible Hulk panel. Attendees included producer Gale Anne Hurd, director Louie Letterier, Avi Arad and Kevin Feige of Marvel, Liv Tyler and Ed Norton.

Key points:

- This is a part I, the start of a brand new Hulk saga.

- The Hulk will be only one size (will not get bigger as he gets angrier).

- Ed Norton wrote the screenplay (I was not aware of this at all).

- A concept sketch was shown which looked very much like the more straited muscle and ripped version of the Hulk that is how he is currently rendered in the comics.

- A big inspiration for both director Letterier and Norton was the old TV series which starred Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby, but the film is not rooted exclusively in the TV show at all. The characters and story will be an amalgam of past versions including older and more recent comics and the show.

- Doc Samson will be in the movie.

- The film will have 3X the scenes of an average film (350 scenes).

- Ed Norton discussed how each writer in a comic book brings his own spin to the character and that's what they're trying to do here.

- There will be lots of "easter eggs" for the fans in the movie.

Iron Man

Jon Favreau was on hand along with Terrence Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow, Robert Downey Jr. When the actors came out they were met with wild applause.

- Favreau mentioned War Machine and how Howard is dying to do that.

- They showed the same footage as on Thursday. Crowd went insane. Again.

- He reiterated that everything shown except for the flying scenes shown were all practical shots, meaning it was live special effects, real suits, etc.

- Paltrow stated that the dynamic of the relationship between Pepper Potts and Tony Stark is what attracted her to the role.

- Howard said it was the most fun he'd ever had on a film, doing cool stuff like going up in a F-16.

- Feige stated that the reason they wanted to make a movie about Iron Man is that he's just a great character. To the question of the character being unknown, Arad disagreed and said he considers Iron Man to be very popular.

- Favreau said that this is really a big independent movie and that past superhero films have shown that you don't need a big star to make it successful.

- Stan Lee came onstage to crazy cheers and applause. He was gracious as ever.

- RDJ said he picked Stan Lee's brain about the the creation of the character in order to pick up background info to help him play the role.

- Favreau said the Tony Stark was never meant to be a likeable guy, he likes the "Han shot first" version of Han Solo.

- Feige said there is definitely a plan to do an Avengers movie.

They showed the trailer again and it was the only presentation I attended to end with a standing ovation.

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