15Will & Grace

An interesting series as in some ways it was more inclusive that pretty much any mainstream show in North American history up to that point, despite that, Will & Grace was also harsh a lot of the time.

We know, we know, the inclusion of Will & Grace on this list may seem illogical considering it has been given a revival that aired one season already and has been renewed for more. If that weren’t enough, this entry may feel even more egregious for some as the show

was ground-breaking, given that it debuted with a gay character as a series lead. If you feel that way we totally get it and we respect this show’s accomplishments as well. That said, none of that precludes the previous version of this show from aging poorly, which we feel very strongly it has.

We say that because it can be really hard to sit through Jack’s many jokes about Will being fat, the endless array of gay puns, or the remarks about Karen’s heritage. That said, even though the show can be quite cringeworthy for that alone, there is another problem with it that has caused it to age poorly. A victim of the stunt casting bug, Will & Grace seemed overjoyed to roll out the red carpet for anyone who was famous at the time and some of those former stars have since faded away or worse.

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