Our 20 Favorite Movie Robots

Data - Star Trek

Some would consider Spock to have a near-robotic personality, but he's practically human when compared to Data. Then again, Data would give anything just to be one of the humans. Much like the other Pinocchio-style characters on our list, he just wants to be like everybody else. Yet his ridiculously unlimited memory bank  and stiff persona might make him an outsider even as a human.

The Lieutenant Commander once said, "I choose to believe that I was a person, that I had the potential to become more than a collection of circuits and subprocessors." Data has a great yearning to be one of us and his compassion onscreen makes you want to do something about it. He added a great level of "human" drama to the Star Trek franchise.


David - A.I. Artificial Intelligence

One of Steven Spielberg's underrated films also explores the Pinocchio-style tale of an artificial boy that wants to be human. A.I. may share the most in common with its wooden toy counterpart, but its overall tone is much darker. David is an attempted replacement for the Swintons' comatose son and is initially disliked by the mother. Once he becomes a staple in the family, the once-comatose Martin returns home and begins a rigorous bullying of David. This sets off an adventure that will turn an innocent robotic boy into a mysterious stranger in the underworld of future America.

It is David's innocence and loving nature that brings him to this list. He is one of the most kind-hearted boys onscreen, but it also comes across as creepy at times. He is so loving that he acts like a dog at times, even sneaking into his mother's bathroom as she bathes. It's definitely an odd way of saying hello, but he means well. His loyalty is tough to beat, but that is a feature we've come to expect from robots designed to interact with people.


FemBots - Austin Powers

FemBots Austin Powers

The Austin Powers franchise has never been shy about using common euphemisms as puns for characters and their attributes. Frau Farbissina's "ultimate weapon to defeat Austin Powers" are girls of the right caliber (as Dr. Evil puts it). They combine unrivaled sexiness with deadly cannons for ... well you know what happens. If you are a swinging spy from the sixties like Austin Powers, they are one of the deadliest foes imaginable.

If we can stay on their good side, the FemBots may just be the best robots on this list. They sure seem like fun and can add a little spice to the bedroom scene as long as you stay out of the line of fire. In Goldmember, Britney Spears even appears as a FemBot, but is quickly disposed of, thankfully.


GERTY - Moon

A more recent movie robot on this list is featured in the low budget sci-fi movie, Moon. the character-driven debut by Source Code director Duncan Jones stars Sam Rockwell and only Sam Rockwell. But he does have a robotic counterpart voiced by Kevin Spacey. GERTY is Sam's assistant on the lunar mining facility in which he is alone for a three-year term. GERTY basically helps maintain quality control where human error can become an issue, but his role is a little more complicated as the movie reveals.

GERTY also maintains a constant line of communication with the company on Earth that runs the station. Meanwhile, Sam is tricked into thinking all communication has been temporarily disabled. It gives GERTY a sinister exterior, but his intentions are entirely friendly. When the master plan breaks down due to a vehicular accident, GERTY helps Sam and his clone on their desperate attempt to understand their place. He even breaks his own protocol to protect Sam, which is technically his main function. GERTY is one of the most loyal robots on this list - and he has a great smile :-D.

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