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Annabelle Movie Reviews (The Conjuring Prequel)

'Annabelle' Review

Unfortunately, Annabelle can't sustain much tension before fizzling out into a boringly repetitive exercise in rehashed scare tactics. The Conjuring this is not.

Tusk movie review

'Tusk' Review

It has a memorably weird premise, sure, but Kevin Smith's Tusk generally fails to be either that funny and/or scary... much less interesting.

Let's Be Cops Movie Reviews - New Girl

'Let's Be Cops' Review

Let's Be Cops tries to offer coming-of-age gravitas, action movie thrills and comedic slapstick, but never excels at any one of them.

Planes: Fire & Rescue review

'Planes: Fire & Rescue' Review

The short of it: Planes: Fire & Rescue is a better made film than its predecessor on a technical level, but otherwise just as generic (in some ways, more so) on a storytelling level.

Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz in 'Sex Tape' 2014 Review

'Sex Tape' Review

Despite an intriguing setup, Sex Tape squanders its clever premise with an underwhelming combination of cheap jokes and ham-fisted family drama.

Tammy movie review

'Tammy' Review

One the whole, Tammy is yet another effective demonstration of McCarthy's comedic abilities - but much like its protagonist, the film is too jumbled and directionless for its own good.

Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie (2014)

'Maleficent' Review

Maleficent is yet another old Disney product re-packaged with a big-name star and visionary director, in order to sell a "modern" fairy tale to audiences.

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler in 'Blended' 2014 [Review]

'Blended' Review

The movie spends a lot of time venturing to develop a meaningful relationship between the two families and, at times, the filmmakers actually brush against a deeper (not to mention smarter) story.

Bad Words with Jason Bateman (Review)

'Bad Words' Review

Bad Words plays out as a farce that (sadly) just isn't all that insightful, witty, or creative with how it approaches its premise - one that is innately kind of funny, but only goes so far.

Vampire Academy Movie (Review)

'Vampire Academy' Review

Vampire Academy will probably only satisfy fans of the original books, who just want to see their favorite characters (and the world that they inhabit) brought to life.

Brendan Frasier and Vanessa Hudgens in Gimme Shelter

'Gimme Shelter' Review

Whether or not you agree with Krauss' political/philosophical leanings in Gimme Shelter, the film does generally have its heart in the right place.

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in Ride Along

'Ride Along' Review

Is mostly just a mashup of watered-down action/comedy tropes (think Rush Hour) and uninspired slapstick that is less imaginative than that featured in last year's female buddy-cop comedy The Heat.

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