'2 Guns' Restricted Trailer: Washington & Wahlberg Kick Ass & Take Names

We love superhero blockbusters as much as anyone else - okay, probably more so - but that doesn't stop us from craving a vintage summer buddy-comedy/high-octane action flick, and 2 Guns is certainly looking like it will offer audiences that much.

Starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, the film covers the story of two guys on the side of law and order who are both forced to go on the run when they fail to infiltrate a dangerous cartel. The twist is, each guy believes he's on the lamb with a hardened criminal, neither knowing he has an ally in the form of a fellow lawman.

As the red-band trailer for the film shows, 2 Guns is pretty much a platform for Washington and Wahlberg to show off their respective trademark tough guy personas. The last few years have seen both men taking on B-movie films of this vein (Washington: Safe House; Wahlberg: Pain & Gain) - in fact, the director of 2 Guns is Baltasar Kormákur, who worked with Wahlberg on the 2012 B-movie action-thriller, Contraband (read our review).

Contraband wasn't revolutionary, but it was a great showcase for Wahlberg's star persona; judging from the trailer above, and previous trailers that were released, Denzel (a powerful star presence in his own right) is a good match for Wahlberg in terms of chemistry - which is really all the average moviegoer needs to know when deciding whether or not the film is worth the ticket price. Don't be surprised if Denzel and Wahlberg equate to box office gold.

The film also stars Paula Patton (Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol), Bill Paxton (Big Love), James Marsden (X-Men), Robert John Burke (Person of Interest), Patrick Fischler (Californication), and iconic actors like Fred Ward and Edward James Olmos.


2 Guns will be in theaters on August 2, 2013.

Source: IGN

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