The 10 Best Episodes Of 2 Broke Girls (According To IMDb)

2 Broke Girls is one of the more unique sitcoms of recent times, with strong chemistry between the two female leads and a modern, relevant premise. Running between 2011 and 2017, the series followed (you guessed it) two broke girls as they try to navigate life in New York while trying to start their own cupcake business.

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The sitcom starring Kat Dennings (Max) and Beth Behrs (Caroline) was also nominated for three Emmys in 2012, winning an award for art direction. While the series is unfortunately over, the series is endlessly rewatchable and hasn't aged at all.

This article will list the 10 best-rated episodes of 2 Broke Girls according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

10 And The Near Death Experience: 7.4

The Near Death experience is the 18th episode of season 3 and is certainly one of the best ever episodes. The plot of this episode revolves around Nicolas Saintcroix, a French pastry chef, telling Caroline that he is intending to leave his wife for her. When the French chef informs Caroline that he wants to leave his wife for her, Caroline does not take the news well and goes slightly mad. This episode has a hilarious scene with both Max and Caroline walking along the ledge of the building, both as scared as each other.

9 And The Big Hole: 7.4

In this episode, Caroline and Max are struggling to drown out the noise of Oleg and Sophie having sex in the apartment upstairs. Just as the two roommates meet up in the living room to complain about the noise, Oleg's leg crashes through the ceiling, followed by a bowling ball.

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Aside from the side-splitting opening scene, this episode also includes Caroline being fired by Han after she insulted some customers at the diner.

8 And The Tip Slip: 7.4

Caroline's father (Martin Shanning) asks Caroline to appear on Piers Morgan's talk show in order to defend him against false accusations from a former employee. The former employee, Sandra, claims to have slept with Caroline's father and is releasing a book about the affair, in which she also accuses Martin of having a small penis. This episode is not only hilarious but also memorable due to the fact that it stars Piers Morgan as himself.

7 And The Soft Opening: 7.5

The first episode of season 3 is certainly a unique one in this list. During this episode, a man dies in front of their cupcake shop. However, the dead man turned out to be a famous rockstar, and his sudden passing brings hundreds of people to the shop in order to mourn.

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Max and Caroline then attempt to profit from the public mourning in order to sell more cupcakes. This episode is certainly unique and also shows a less frugal side to Han, the diner owner.

6 And The Childhood Not Included: 7.9

This episode shows just how close the two girls have become since they first met. In this episode, Caroline accidentally allows Han's most expensive fish, a Royal Blue Tang, to escape down a drain while cleaning out the fish tank. Max then offers to sell a teddy bear from her childhood in order to raise money for Caroline to repay Han for losing the fish. The episode truly shows how much the two care about each other, with Max willing to sell her only childhood toy for Caroline, and Caroline refusing to allow Max to sell it.

5 And The Booth Babes: 8.0

In this episode from season 5, Max and Caroline have signed up to be 'booth babes' in order to get free access to a gaming convention. However, once they're inside the convention, Max and Caroline learn that Han's friend has created a video game with characters based on Max and Caroline.

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The girls are, naturally, annoyed at this and use it to their advantage to try and seek some money.

4 And The Girlfriend Experience: 8.2

In this episode, Han gets himself into a spot of trouble by sending a photo of a stripper to his mother and claiming she is his girlfriend. Unfortunately for Han, his mother is coming to visit from Korea and she is expecting to meet his new girlfriend. In order to try and continue the ruse, Han asks Max and Caroline to help find the stripper so she can pose as his girlfriend.

The episode is both hilarious and touching, as Han has to come clean with his mother at the end, resulting in a heartwarming family moment.

3 And The Three Boys With Wood: 8.2

The Three Boys With Wood is one of the most popular episodes of the series. The conceit of this episode focuses around Caroline's struggle to seduce Andy. While Caroline's romance carries on, Max invites two Amish boys to her apartment with the intent to have them construct a new shed for Caroline's horse, Chestnut.

The episode is truly one of the most memorable across the whole series, what isn't great about two Amish boys in a night club?

2 And The Candy Manwich: 8.2

This episode is the precursor to And The Three Boys With Wood and also follows Caroline as she struggles to pluck up the courage to ask Andy out on a date. While their original meeting seems to be going well, Caroline ends up eating too much candy from Andy's store, causing her to vomit. This causes Caroline to be too embarrassed to see Andy again, even though she crushes on him.

This episode is a perfect mix of cringy and awkward humor, coupled with a happy ending.

1 And 2 Broke Girls: The Movie: 8.3

And 2 Broke Girls: The Movie was the final episode in the series and, according to IMDB, the best episode of the series. The episode follows Max and Caroline as they make decisions that will impact their futures, all while a movie about Caroline's life is set to make its premiere. This episode truly caps off the 2 Broke Girls series in a marvelous way; the episode features an engagement, press interviews, as well as genuine success for the titular 2 broke girls.

While it would have been great to see more from the supporting cast in what turned out to be the series finale, the episode was fantastic overall and perfectly combined comedy with heartwarming scenes.

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