19 Kids and Counting: Grandma Duggar's Unexpected Death

19 Kids and Counting Grandma Mary Duggar and Michelle Duggar

19 Kids and Counting's Grandma Duggar has died unexpectedly. The Duggars have gone to social media to commemorate their beloved grandmother, Mary Duggar, who was seen in multiple episodes of the popular TLC show, as well as the Duggar's current show, Counting On. This well-loved grandma was usually spotted in the background of the show, helping out with her many grandchildren, who she clearly adored.

There has been an outpouring of heartfelt tributes about Grandma Duggar all over social media. The memorial pictures and touching messages show the sense of loss, not only with the Duggar family, but with the fans as well, who are all posting comments on these tributes offering their thoughts and prayers. The 19 Kids and Counting star was the grandma that audiences could relate to - the woman in the back working tirelessly for her family - so the news of her passing has fans mourning alongside the Duggar family.

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Mary Duggar, the matriarch of the Duggar family and mother of Jim Bob Duggar, passed away at the age of 78 on Sunday, June 9, 2019. The Duggars released information through the family's Instagram, saying that her passing was very sudden, although the cause of death has yet to be released. Her passing was a shock to the family, as she had gone to church the very day of her passing. She was also remembered by granddaughter Jill Dillard on her personal Instagram account, who described her as being "an amazing woman of God and such a great example to so many!" Check out the post below:

The Duggar family wrote their touching commemoration of the beloved grandmother through their official Facebook page, where they went on to highlight Grandma Duggar’s life successes, such as her work as a prime real estate broker, her work in the church as a devout Christian, and her most important and cherished roles of all - as a mother of two, a grandmother of twenty-one, and great-grandmother of thirteen. Although it was a sudden and unexpected death, Mary Duggar left her mark on this world through her family.

After many appearances on the popular TLC shows 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On, it's not only the Duggar family mourning her loss, the Duggar fans are also feeling the empty spot. Although she is gone, she is not forgotten, as 'Grandma' Dugger's lessons can be found in the past seasons of 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On, where her legacy will live on. RIP Grandma Duggar.

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Source: Duggar Family/Intagram, Duggar Family/Facebook, Jill Dillard

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