19 Kids and Counting: Amy Support Son Being Raised Gender-Fluid

Counting On and 19 Kids and Counting's Amy Duggar King surprises fans on Instagram with her reaction to proudly accepting a gender-fluid son.

Amy and Dillon Duggar

Counting On star Amy Duggar King’s answer to a candid parenting question on Instagram recently shocked fans of the soon-to-be-mother when she revealed that she supported raising her son as gender-fluid. Her candid response about childhood gender-fluidity revealed that the reality star’s approach to child-rearing may be more modern than her upbringing would suggest.

Amy and husband, Dillon King, announced on Instagram that the couple would be expecting their first child. The pair originally began dating not long after their first encounter in July 2014, and they were engaged a year later, holding their September wedding in Gravette, Arkansas at Horton Farms. The ceremony was attended by the rest of the Duggar clan from the original 19 Kids and Counting, including parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and sisters Jessa and Jill Duggar. While Amy followed her family’s propensity for short wedding engagements, she dissented from their trend of having a child within the first year of marriage; it was four years before Amy and Dillon decided to add a baby to the family.

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On July 26, Amy once again proved that she doesn’t always comply with the Duggar ethos. According to InTouch Weekly, another Instagram post was accompanied by a relatable caption in which Amy predicted outdoor life with her forthcoming little boy, Daxton Ryan. She wrote: “I can handle dirt, fishing, hunting, I love the outdoors and camping and canoeing and little critters. But I swear if my son ever brings me a snake or picks up a rat I will lose it!” She was then asked by a fan what she would do if her son wanted to dress up and play with dolls, and her response was an overwhelmingly positive, saying,“We will love our child no matter what!” Amy’s comment section received plenty of replies praising her inclusive reaction. Check out the post below:

Amy has always been a bit of an outlier in the Duggar family, going against the grain, despite her family's strict rules. For example, she admitted to not being a virgin before marriage (something not allowed in her family), and she also has a tattoo. Incidentally, she got matching tattoos with her husband, which both say, "Rest in the storm." 

The Duggars may not seem especially inclusive or accepting given their strict rules and personal beliefs, but Amy has been known to distance herself from the rules - not necessarily breaking them, but bending them at the very least. This especially shows with her support of gender-fluidity; and while it might just seem like an unexpected development to some, it's no doubt a welcome one for  Counting On fans.

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Source: InTouch Weekly, Amy Duggar

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