15 Things That Happened To The Duggars After 19 Kids And Counting

Television audiences were first introduced to the Duggars through a handful of hour long specials, which offered a glimpse into the daily life of the abundant Arkansas household. In 2008, TLC premiered 17 Kids and Counting, presenting viewers with a weekly 30 minute dose of the Duggars and their devout christian lifestyle. During the show's early seasons Michelle Duggar, the fertile mother of the pack, had two more kids. The addition to the family ended up changing the show's title to 18 Kids and Counting and ultimately, 19 Kids and Counting.

While the show was a success during its almost seven year run, it was not free from controversy and scandals. The majority of the issues stemmed from their strong Baptist beliefs. Their anti-LGBT stance was not kept secret and certain facets of their life were considered somewhat archaic, such as their strict dress code and their practice of chaperoned dating. One particularly heinous scandal ended the show in 2015 - the revelation of Josh Duggar's depraved actions.

Reality television in general gets some rightly deserved flack for not actually being real. However, the Duggars are indeed a real family and their life still continued after the show went off the air.

Here are the 15 Things That Happened To The Duggars After 19 Kids And Counting.

15 Josh Duggar Caught Using Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is an infamous dating website that mainly caters to those who are married or are in some type of monogamous relationship. Perhaps it wouldn't be right to pass judgement on anybody who uses the website, but it is safe to say that it is contradictory to the core values that the Duggars live by.

However, this didn't stop Josh Duggar from spending over $900 on the website over the course of three years. The eldest son's secret was brought to light in August 2015 when the personal information of many of the site's users was leaked to the public.

The indiscretion was seen as particularly hypocritical because of his stance against "non-traditional" marriage. This revelation would have cost him his career had his prior scandal not already done so.

14 A Son-In-Law Attempts To Solve Racism

Racism has plagued the human race since time immemorial. It's an endlessly complicated issue that effects everybody in one way or another. Despite there being no end in sight to the strife, that did not stop a certain member of reality television royalty from trying to get at the heart of the problem.

In a YouTube video from August 2015 titled "How should Christians respond to racism in America", Ben Seewald, the fifth daughter's husband, points to one possible cause of racism --  teaching evolution in schools. In the clip, the son-in-law says of racial issues "That all comes from the devil...evolution...teaching that, like, some people are more evolved.'"

This statement understandably rubbed people the wrong way. Unfortunately, this is not the only time that Seewald placed himself in the limelight.

13 That Same Son-In-Law Enrages Catholics

In more recent months, Ben Seewald has set his cross hairs on an unexpected group, the Catholic Church. An Instagram post from April 2017 sees Seewald plugging a book titled The Roman Catholic Controversy by James R. White.

In the post, Jessa Duggar's husband states "This (the book) is essential because many have no idea what the real issues actually are between Catholics and Protestants." Anybody with some knowledge on history could explain the story between the two sects of Christianity and how there really is no current rivalry between the groups.

Additionally, the Duggars have a huge fan base that consists of many religions, including Catholics. Even if the rest of the family sympathizes with Seewald's feelings, they and their bottom line would hate to lose fans and followers due to offensive remarks from one of their kin.

12 Halloween 2015

By October 2015, the many controversies surrounding Josh Duggar were still fresh in the public's mind and a timely Halloween costume of the disgraced son seemed like an obvious choice for people who didn't think twice.

However, in an unexpected move by internet media outlets, many articles were published around this time advising against the potential tastelessness of dressing up as Josh. Some websites outright demanded not even considering him for a costume, while other sites reminded people to keep the focus of the mockery towards Josh and not toward any of his victims or his religious beliefs.

A dark secret aired out in public is difficult for any family to get through. Having those same secrets used for a costume idea only reopens any old wounds that may have started healing.

11 Some Of The Daughters Are Wearing Pants

A Duggar must follow certain rules, such as a strict dress code. Girls in particular are forbidden from wearing shorts or tank tops and skirts must go down below the knee. Despite this two of the Duggar daughters, Jill and Jinger, have been seen sporting pants recently.

Both women are married, so it has been speculated that they have been permitted to wear pants by their husbands. However, it would be nice to think that they made the decision of their own volition.

At the time of this article's publication, neither Jim Bob (the father) or Michelle have spoken about their two children's new wardrobe choices. It's difficult to gauge their thoughts on the matter, as they may be completely fine with it because the daughters are both married. Perhaps they'll eventually speak out about the violation of the dress code.

10 They Have A Spinoff

While TLC made the decision to end 19 Kids and Counting following Josh's ignominy, the Duggar's relationship with television was far from finished. In December 2015 The Learning Channel premiered Jill and Jessa: Counting On, feeding fans' desires to see more of the famous family.

Early episodes mainly featured the fourth and fifth child, whose names were featured in the title. However, the later seasons broadened the focus to the other Duggar children and the shows title was eventually shortened to Counting On.

Absent entirely from the show, for obvious reasons, is Josh Duggar. However, his wife and kids have made some appearances. Currently there is no end in sight to the spinoff, as season seven has already been confirmed.

9 Jinger Started Flipping Cars

One criticism the Duggars have faced is their enforcement of old fashioned gender roles, which makes one of Jinger's more recent hobbies all the more surprising. In a 2016 episode of Counting On she attended a car auction with some of her siblings, which eventually sparked her own interest in the practice of buying used cars and fixing them up to be sold at higher value.

Jinger also does some photography, a valuable skill when it is time to put the cars up for sale. Those familiar with the family's lifestyle would not expect one of the daughters to pick up such a seemingly masculine hobby.

It just goes to show that, despite what may appear on the surface, all of the Duggar children have their own unique traits that make them stand out from each other.

8 More Grandchildren For Jim And Michelle

TLC was not lying to audiences when they included the word "counting" into the titles of the original hit series and its spin-off. Jim Bob and Michelle most likely will not have any additional offspring. However, as more of their own kids reach adulthood, they have started having little tykes of their own.

By the time 19 Kids and Counting finished its run, there were already four grandchildren from Josh and Jill Duggar's marriages. In the time before Counting On, another two kids had already been born. Currently there are a total of nine grandchildren, with 3 more on the way in 2018.

Children are known to inherit certain characteristics from their parents, whether it be physical traits or something more hidden. It is becoming increasingly evident that Michelle's daughters have inherited their mother's impressive fertility.

7 A Trip To Australia

Recently, many members of the Duggar clan went on a trip to Australia to meet fans and discuss aspects of their unique faith-centered lifestyle. However, the internet was not so much concerned with the reasons for their visit down under, so much as their curious attire at the airport.

On the family's official Facebook page, pictures of their arrival to the famously sweltering continent were posted showing some of the younger children wearing winter coats. Many commenters pointed out how ridiculous they looked in the jackets and offered their sympathies towards the young Duggars.

Hopefully, the children were permitted to remove their jackets once they started sweating bullets. Perhaps Jim Bob and Michelle should put some extra focus on climate and geography in their homeschooling curriculum.

6 More Walks Down The Aisle

One of life's most significant milestones is seeing children get married and starting families of their own. Most parents will only get to experience this joyful satisfaction a few times in their life, unless of course said parents are Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. The mother and father will go through this a total of nineteen times, should all the children get hitched.

Before the start of Counting On, Jess, Jill, and Joshua had all already gotten married. So far, the weddings of Jinger, Joy-Anna, and Joseph have been important events that were well documented for the spin-off series.

Will Jim Bob and Michelle still be proud and excited when it's time for little Josie Brooklyn to tie the knot? Milestones are milestones because they so rarely occur, so perhaps it will have grown a little stale for them by that time.

5 A Son In Law Is Fired From Counting On

If Ben Seewald is reading this article, he can breathe a sigh of relief because this entry turns an eye to a different son-in-law's scandal. Derrick Dillard is Jill's husband and won't be seen on any Duggar related television for quite a long time, if ever again.

In November 2017, Derrick jumped into some hot water for transphobic remarks he made on Twitter against fellow TLC reality television star Jazz Jennings. The husband of Jill Duggar repeatedly misgendered the transgender teen as "he" and "him" in the tweets and claims that people were "taking advantage of him (her) in order to promote their agenda."

As a result of this, Derrick was fired from Counting On, but in a later tweet he claims to have quit the show. Regardless, these comments did not sit too well with the more open-minded Duggar fans.

4 Tattoo Revelations

Different interpretations of the Bible have differing rules regarding tattoos. Some churches are fine with a little ink, while others strictly forbid it. Until recently, most fans would have figured the famous Baptist family to air on the more conservative side of the tattoo issue.

Cousin Amy Duggar and her husband both have matching tattoos and Jinger's husband Jeremy has a bible quote on his bicep. It has even been speculated that patriarch Jim Bob has a tattoo on one of his fingers, after fans noticed a dark spot on his hand where his wedding ring would be. It doesn't appear to be a shadow, but Jim Bob has neither confirmed nor denied that it is indeed some ink.

Perhaps tattoos are sacrilege or maybe they are symbol of a permanent commitment to your faith. Either way, it's entertaining to think of the seemingly square family sporting them.

3 Josiah In Love

Everyone falls in love at some point in their life, but it's only the lucky ones who get to hold on to it forever. For Josiah Duggar, his chances of losing or maintaining love are at a crossroads.

In 2015, Josiah was dating Marjorie Jackson, but the courtship only lasted four months. More recently, the eighth child has been going out with Lauren Swanson. Of course, "going out" means dating under the supervision of one of his parents, who also monitor all text and phone communication.

It's impossible to tell what the future holds for Josiah in the marriage department, but he is 21 years old, a fairly ripe age for marriage by Duggar family standards. However, not all Duggars get married so young.

2 Jana Marie is still single

Jana Marie is tied with John-David for being the second oldest of the Duggar children. At 28 years old, neither of them are married, but it seems like Jim Bob is pushing a little harder for Jana Marie to fall in love, if recent comments during a speech are to be believed.

While on a trip to Australia, Jim Bob made a quip about Jana Marie's single status saying "Jana is 28 years old and still single. She's still praying for that one." What made the joke a little uncomfortable is that he did not say the same thing about her twin brother.

Jana Marie is still waiting for the right man (or woman, you never know), but potential suitors can't be blamed for any possible discomfort resulting from the Duggar's chaperoned dating traditions.

1 Jim and Michelle Adopted A Child

Nineteen kids are a lot for just two people to handle, both logistically and emotionally. However, it seems like Jim Bob and Michelle had room in their hearts for one more child when they gained legal custody over their great-nephew, in November 2016.

Tyler Wayne Hutchins is the child of Michelle Duggar's niece. He was previously being taken care of by Michelle's sister, but health issues prevented her from caring for the young boy any longer. Tyler's mother is said to have agreed with granting custody to her aunt and uncle, under the condition that she still gets to visit her son.

Information is scarce regarding the situation, so its impossible to know every detail of the adoption. Opinions on the family aside, it's good to hear that a child in a potentially compromising situation was put into a home that can provide for all of his needs.


Are there any other things that happened to the Duggars after 19 Kids and Counting?

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