'17th Precinct' Pilot adds Smallville's Kristin Kruek

17th Precinct - one of many projects being prepared by sci-fi TV staple Ronald D. Moore - has added its latest cast member. Former Smallville sweetheart Kristin Kruek will join pilot as wife to Jamie Bamber's character.

Kruek has kept busy since her days at Smallville High. In addition to a starring role in the disappointing Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, she's had a well-received recurring role on Chuck and starred in the Ben-Hur miniseries. If 17th Precinct is picked up by NBC, it'll mark Kruek's return to a regular TV role. (Sorry, Lana fans: she's not coming back for Smallville's big finish.)

Kruek joins a host of science fiction TV icons already attached to this cops-n-warlocks show. No less than three leading cast members of Moore's former blockbuster series, Battlestar Galactica, have jumped battleship to 17th Precinct: James Callis, Tricia Helfer and the aforementioned Jamie Bamber. Callis will play the ground-pounding magical detective; Helfer will be the third actress currently playing Morgana (the other two sorceresses are on Merlin and Starz' upcoming Camelot) and Bamber has the role of a forensic investigator.

17th Precinct is a magical spin on the typical police procedural. Initially pitched as "Harry Potter for grown-ups", the series follows a police division in the mystical town of Excelsior. If the casting up to this point is any indication, the 17th Precinct will be a gritty one - less hippogriffs, more homicide. For example, Morgana's necromantic abilities will be put to use as the team's medical examiner/coroner. While not much else is known in terms of plot, expect plenty of magical maladies to befall Excelsior's unlucky residents.

The premise sounds a lot like other magical investigation shows, such as Haven and The Dresden Files. The specifically magical elements combined with the tried-and-true cop ensemble (see CSI, Law & Order... heck, half the scripted shows on network and cable TV) could make for something new. And while lately Moore's projects have had a habit of exploding like a Hogwarts first-year's potions homework, 17th Precinct looks like it might just be the one that sticks.

17th Precinct is in the pilot stage at NBC. Expect an initial season order this summer.

Source: TV Line

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