James Callis & Tricia Helfer Join NBC’s ‘17th Precinct’ for Ron Moore

Tricia Helfer and James Callis on 17th Precint

Battlestar Galactica developer Ron Moore has managed to entice two more stars of the hit SyFy show to join his upcoming NBC pilot 17th Precinct.

James Callis (Dr. Gaius Baltar) and Tricia Helfer (Number Six) will reunite with not only Moore on the fantasy-themed police procedural, but also Jamie Bamber (Apollo), who signed on a few weeks ago.

For an actor who has played Merlin, Callis should feel right at home as a homicide detective in a world where technology takes a backseat to magic and mysticism. Meanwhile, Helfer will portray the necromancer Morgana, a 17th Precinct version of a coroner who also has some expertise in casting spells and potion making.

The show isn’t all BSG alums, however, as veteran actress Stockard Channing was cast just prior to Bamber, while Matt Long (The Deep End) and Eamonn Walker (The Whole Truth) also recently signed up.

Morgana’s use of spells and potions is the first we’ve heard about a precinct member’s mystical abilities. Though, a firm explanation of how the mystic elements will be tied into the show’s more grounded, law enforcement aspects still remains elusive. Will each character wield a different ability to aid him or her in their respective area of expertise, or is magic simply an element anyone can utilize – some better than others?

Hopefully, as those details get fleshed out, we'll get a more comprehensive overview of the show, and the description ‘Harry Potter for adults’ will be deemed less fitting. While Moore and company have been comparing themselves to such a lucrative franchise, 17th Precinct will probably have as much in common with the boy wizard as Moore’s Battlestar Galactica did the original. Remember, Moore is the guy who took a series about people running away from killer robots in spaceships and crafted a potent drama infused with elements of philosophy, theology, and political intrigue. I really don’t expect anything less from 17th Precinct.

Ron Moore's other show Battlestar Galactica
Is this what the cast of '17th Precint' will look like?

In the end, you’ve really got to hand it to Ron Moore; he finds a group of people he likes working with (and who obviously enjoy working with him), and he sticks with them. The question now becomes, how many other BSG members will populate the town of Excelsior?


As the cast grows, so does the chance 17th Precinct will be picked up for series.

Source: TV Line

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