15Jo And Ellen Die

In episode 10 of Season 5 (“Abandon All Hope...”) the team assembles and goes in search of Lucifer in an attempt to take him out with the Colt. Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Bobby, along with Jo and Ellen, devised a plan we all thought would work… or at least

thought might do some damage while still getting them all out of there alive.

Mother and daughter team Jo and Ellen Harvelle first showed up in Season 2. Fans instantly loved the reluctant hunters and their Roadhouse, their rough and tough attitudes, plus their relationships with the other characters. Bobby and Ellen had this possible soulmate thing going, and Dean and Jo had some serious chemistry. But in this episode, after their failed plan left Jo mortally wounded by a hellhound, Ellen (being the ultimate warrior mother) decided to die a hero next to her daughter and sacrificed herself for the greater good.

Losing that pair was by far the show’s most devastating blow since John Winchester. While series creator Eric Kripke made the first 5 seasons near perfect, Jo and Ellen’s departure from the series was a sad moment that ended up leaving a pretty big hole in our hearts.

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