14Season 6

Sera Gamble’s entire first season as showrunner was enough to piss off any Supernatural fan. In all of its years on television, this might have been the most dangerous time for the show. Kripke had only planned for the series to run 5 seasons, but with such high ratings

and huge fan following, the Winchesters obviously weren’t going anywhere. While assuming the role of executive producer, Kripke handed the keys to the kingdom to arguably one of Supernatural’s best writers, executive producer Sera Gamble. Fans were excited for the changeover, but that didn’t last long.

Unfortunately, it was a rough transition, and just not a very good season overall.  While she and co-showrunner Robert Singer gave it their best shot to make it a new era, fans were not happy. The show added a different visual style and had way too many plotlines going at once. The Eve storyline was totally anticlimactic, and the whole Weapons of Heaven idea was just dropped. By the end of the season, they had left us with a soulless Sam and turned Cass into the bad guy. Needless to say, Sera Gamble’s reign was brief. By Season 8, writer/producer Jeremy Carver returned to save the day.

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