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John Cusack in 'The Raven' (Review)

'The Raven' Review

The Raven is just about what most pre-release cynics had been anticipating - a bizarre mishmash of historical elements and subpar on-screen drama capped off with an underwhelming but serviceable performance.

Amanda Seyfried in Gone (2012)

'Gone' Review

Gone is a movie that should've been released in the straight-to-DVD market where it belongs.

Review Taylor Lautner in Abduction

'Abduction' Review

Is 'Abduction,' the dramatic thriller from director John Singleton, and starring Taylor Lautner, an exciting action offering or a brainless and underwhelming movie that takes itself too seriously? Read our review.

review of green lantern movie

'Green Lantern' Review

Is 'Green Lantern' a successful new DC Comics movie franchise, or a failed attempt to launch a lesser-known superhero into the mainstream? Read our review.

Black Death Eddie Redmayne Osmund Monk

Black Death Review

'Black Death' could've been an entertaining B-movie romp if it didn't insist on taking itself so seriously, while dumping heavy-handed theological themes onto the audience.

Dinner for Schmucks Review

Is 'Dinner for Schmucks' an 'edgy' comedy film or just a mean-spirited, uncomfortable attempt at laughs? Read our review and find out.

The Last Airbender Review

'The Last Airbender' fails miserably at doing justice to the hit cartoon series it's based on. Read on to learn about everything that went wrong with this movie.

Jennifer's Body Review

Overall Jennifer's Body is just a boring movie - punctuated by occasional humor and fewer scares - and sorry, no Megan Fox nudity.

Robert DeNiro in Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek Review

A disappointing mess. The script and direction are sub-par, and you could open a fish market with all the red herrings in the story.

Alien vs Predator Review

A lame attempt to cash in on both franchises, but if you skip the first half of the movie, the second half provides some worthwhile action.

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