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Mortdecai review - Johnny Depp

'Mortdecai' Review

Mortdecai lacks the wit and charm that would've been necessary for this farcical pastiche to work, resulting in another disappointment from Johnny Depp.

Liam Neeson in 'Taken 3' (Review)

'Taken 3' Review

Taken 3 takes the franchise past the point of absurdity - purely for the sake of selling a third series installment.

Sarah Wayne Callies in Into the Storm (Review)

'Into the Storm' Review

Into the Storm is another found footage failure - a gimmicky natural disaster film that fails to provide exciting tornado action or impactful human drama.

David Belle and Paul Walker in 'Brick Mansions' (Review)

'Brick Mansions' Review

A handful of highlights prevent the movie from being a complete misfire but it's hard to recommend Brick Mansions to anyone but filmgoers who just want to see Paul Walker on the big screen.

'Pompeii' Review

In spite of a subject matter rife with potential, Pompeii does little to educate or entertain moviegoers.

'Parkland' Review

The absence of decent intellectual/emotional payoff during Parkland's second and third acts ultimately make the overall viewing experience too manipulative.

Battle of the Year 3D (Review)

'Battle of the Year' Review

There's not nearly enough quality material to make Battle of the Year recommendable (much less, accessible) to anyone other than the most hard-core of dance fanatics.

Ryan Gosling in 'Only God Forgives'

'Only God Forgives' Review

Only God Forgives is only going to be (remotely) pleasurable to those who are curious fans of the director's work, or those who indulge in arthouse films.

Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds in 'RIPD' (Review)

'R.I.P.D.' Review

Forgiving viewers (and Deados) may find some enjoyment in R.I.P.D. but the film is so choppy and half-baked that living, thinking, moviegoers are better off letting this one rest in peace.

Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones in 'Broken City'

'Broken City' Review

Broken City is only worthwhile for die-hard fans of the actors involved, or those who don't need a clear narrative to enjoy a gritty odyssey through the underbelly of NYC.

'A Haunted House' Review

There's little to no reason to reward or encourage any of the people involved to continue making these kind of off-putting (and instantly disposable) raunch-fests.

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