15Supporting Characters, Leading Roles

Star Wars Lando Marvel Comic Issue One

The Star Wars franchise is chock-full of memorable characters and, with just eight films in the franchise to date, there simply isn't enough screen time to go around.

Lead characters like Luke, Obi-Wan and Rey get plenty of time in the spotlight, but where does that leave the army of fantastic

supporting characters? In the comic books, that's where. The comics provide a new arena to fully explore these intricate characters (at least until they get their own spinoff films, fingers crossed).

It's been just over two years since Marvel relaunched its Star Wars line, but already they have brought a number of '"lesser" characters to the forefront with their own mini-series. Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, Darth Maul... they've all been featured in a series of comics devoted solely to them. In Lando's case, that also meant a starring role for his mute companion Lobot.

Yoda in Marvels Star Wars Comics
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