15 Most Dangerous Pokémon In The World

Okay, admit it. You downloaded Pokémon Go just to see what all the hype is about. And why not? It’s a completely involving and addicting game that captures the real life feeling of collecting those impish creatures we know as Pokémon (or the closest thing we have so far).

While we know that the majority of these Pocket Monsters are adorable in nature, especially the cuddly mascot Pikachu, there are some Pokémon that aren’t as forgiving on your quest to catch ‘em all. Catching a Caterpie in the middle of the woods might be easy enough, but landing a giant fire breathing Dragon on top of a volcano is a whole different story. These next 15 Pokémon on this list are so dangerous you should thank your lucky stars that you’re only looking at them from a screen on your phone rather than up close and personal.

From ominous sea creatures to poisonous bugs, we’re counting down the most dangerous and threatening Pokémon that the franchise has to offer. For this list we’re any Pokémon from any generation is up for nomination, not just the original 150 found in Kanto. Also, this isn’t a list for the most powerful. Being dangerous isn’t about brute strength, but by how ominous and likely to cause injury these Pocket Monsters could really be if you ever crossed paths with them.

Here are the 15 Most Dangerous Pokémon In The World.

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15 Gorebyss

Gorebyss looks like the type of Pokémon that you might find chatting it up with Sebastian in a Little Mermaid movie. It’s a small plucky serpentine creature that has long eyelashes, an impish smile, and a seashell bikini. How could this cute sea serpent make our list for most dangerous Pokémon? Oh, did we mention that its pointed mouth is used to stab prey and drain out their bodily fluids? Not so cute now, huh?

While it might look elegant and beautiful, Gorebyss can be unflinchingly cruel. Like Kabutops, Gorebyss has the uncanny ability to bleed out its victims to leave them looking like a rolled up thing of toothpaste, but unlike the former prehistoric fossil, the pink Water type doesn’t appear all that threatening on surface level. A device it can use to its advantage, luring an unexpected diver or two to the deep sea in order to drink them like a milkshake.

14 Beedrill

Getting stung by a bee is never fun, with your only defense being a rolled up newspaper to swat the pesky insects out of the air. You wouldn’t have much luck doing the same with Beedrill however, a Bug and Poison type Pokémon which is about a hundred times the size of your normal hornet.

With amazingly fast speeds, this giant yellow wasp is certainly nothing you want to mess with when taking a hike through the woods. Being highly territorial, it doesn’t much appreciate when strangers stumble upon their nest, and they don’t hesitate to fight back. And unlike a normal wasp’s stinger which you can pull out with a pair of tweezers, Beedrill has a stinger that could puncture a hole through a tank. This Pokémon normally lives in colonies, which means if you see one Beedrill, there’s probably a whole colony that isn’t far behind. If you ever see this vicious insect out on a picnic, your safest bet would be to run for the hills and find the nearest giant flyswatter.

13 Tentacruel

Odds are that if you’ve been to the beach in your life, you’ve been stung by a jellyfish at least once or twice. Remember how bad that hurt? Well now try and imagine that the tiny jellyfish that zapped you was five feet in height and weighed over a hundred pounds. Getting a small rash on your skin would be the least of your worries. Tentacruel is a jellyfish that no beach goer would ever want to come across while taking a dip in the ocean.

While most of them stay hidden, this jellyfish juggernaut has the ability to extend up to eighty tentacles out of its body. Long and just plain creepy, the tentacles are used to capture and immobilize Tentacruel’s prey, which it weakens by dosing out a large amount of a harsh toxin. What happens after, we’ll leave up to the imagination, but given the Pokémon’s large beak-like appendage, it shouldn’t be too hard to conjure up some horrific images.

12 Blastoise

In the real world, turtles aren’t the biggest threat. They move slow, get spooked easy, and are pretty much done for if you flip them on their backs. It’s a different story when it comes to Blastoise however, a turtle that just so happens to sport two giant water cannons and weigh just over two hundred pounds. Part of the original 150 roster, this Water type Pokémon first made his appearance way back in 1998 with Pokémon Blue.

Since that time Blastoise has become a poster child of Pokémon culture. Although Squirtle may start cute and cuddly, Blastoise is anything but a pushover. The high powered water cannons on its back are powerful enough to cut through steel or concrete, making them a little more devastating than your average super soaker. It tends to hang out in freshwater ponds or lakes, and is typically the leader of large groups of Squirtle and Wartotle. Although they’re usually depicted as friendly creatures, your opinion change when staring down the barrel of a high powered water cannon.

11 Kabutops

Kabutops in Pokemon Red

Kabutops looks like the type of Pokémon that might be more at home in a sci-fi slasher flick than a children’s cartoon. Evolving from Kabuto, Kabutops is a scythe wielding Rock and Water type that went extinct hundreds of years ago, and looks like a rejected H.R. Giger design. It can be revived in the Pokémon universe using a Dome Fossil, although why you would want to revive this thing is questionable at best.

In its ocean home, it has the ability to tuck its shell to help it swim extremely fast to catch prey. That’s bad news for any unfortunate creature who might be taking a dip that day. Once caught, Kabutops uses its razor sharp scythes to cut their prey open, and drink the internal fluids that reside inside. The more we talk about this guy, the more we feel he should be added to the roster of an Alien vs. Predator movie.

10 Muk

We all know how important the environment is. We’re constantly reminded on a regular basis that we only have one Earth and that we need to take care of it. But try telling that to Muk, a Poison type Pokémon that is the walking, sliming embodiment of toxic sludge. Muk looks pretty much how his name describes, a large, gooey, purple amorphous blob with two small eyes, an enormous mouth, and a large tongue, looking like it smells so awful, it could cause fainting.

This stinky Pokémon is a living biohazard that instantly kills all plant life that it comes in contact with. His stench is so bad that he can kill plants by just being in the proximity of them. He’s not the kind of Pocket Monster you want to have if you’re vegan and recycle. You have to be careful when hanging around Muk, because even the accidental brush up can lead to severe sickness and some terrible nosebleeds. He's not just dangerous to humans, but to everything around him.

9 Celebi

Like a couple other Pokémon on this list, Celebi doesn’t look that dangerous on first glance. This mythical guardian of the Ilex Forest is a small green imp with big doe eyes and toeless appendages. Not the most threatening creature when compared to a Garchomp, for example, which looks like it could bite your head clean off. But being dangerous in the Pokémon world isn’t always about brute strength. Celebi earns a spot on this list for its insanely powerful ability to travel through time and mess with past events.

As we’ve seen from countless time travel movies, messing with the past can lead to chaotic paradoxes that form outright disasters. By just changing the slightest occurrence, be it stepping on a butterfly or kidnapping historical figures so you can finish your history report, can have a devastating result on the present timeline. While it might have good intentions, the power of time travel might be too much for even Celebi to handle. As we’ve seen from the movie Celebi: Voice of the Forest, the impish Pokémon is so careless that it accidentally sent a young boy 40 years into the future. With timeline blunders like that, there’s no telling how much damage this small time traveler could potentially create if left unchecked.

8 Palkia

Big bad dragons are always pretty threatening in the Pokémon universe. They’re usually feared for their unmatched brute strength, and the fact that they could gobble you up without thinking twice. Palkia is a bit different than your average Dragon type when it comes to why he’s feared, however. Not only is this legendary intimidating to look at, but other than his strength, he also has the ability to bend and warp space to his liking.

One of the creator Pokémon of the Sinnoh region, it is said that Palkia has the power to create alternate realities if he so wishes. It resides in another dimension, which makes his actions ominously mysterious to what it's capable of. Being able to warp space is quite the superpower, even more so than its counterpart Dialga who is able to warp time. If Palkia wished to, he could probably send our entire reality into oblivion, and being able to wipe out the entire universe is a pretty scary thought.

7 Darkrai

As intimidating as Palkia is, he’s still not as downright scary as the shadow-like Pokémon Darkrai. This is the type of mythical creature that nightmares are made out of. In fact, Darkrai uses nightmares as his primary source of attack. He’s the only Pokémon to know the move Dark Void, which sends all of his opponents into a deep sleep. Once in their slumber, Darkrai inhabits his prey’s dreams, causing them to have unending, horrific nightmares.

Although this skill set is described as a defense mechanism rather than a malicious act, we can’t help but feel intimidated by Darkrai anyway. One look at this thing, which is a floating, nightmarish, billowing plume, is enough to send chills down your spine. It also has claw-like hands and red spikes floating around its neck, not the most comforting features when compared to the adorable Pikachu. While it might not mean any harm, the fact that it can make you relive an underwear-in-the-classroom nightmare is enough to make Darkrai dangerous enough to stay clear of.

6 Ditto

Sure, on the surface Ditto might seem like a pretty nonthreatening Pokémon. This purple gelatinous blob doesn’t have the biggest power levels, and its facial features and dopey smile usually read like it’s clueless. It doesn’t evolve and it’s a plain-Jane Normal type that all things considered, seems kind of bland. But Ditto has one peculiar trait that has the potential to make it a devastatingly strong opponent: the ability to transform into an exact replica of any object.

While it can’t mimic the strength or power of a Pokémon, it is able to duplicate and adapt the form and ability of its subject. This makes Ditto ideal to play devastating mind games with its opponents, being able to blend in and adapt to most environments, even duping Pokémon enough to be able to breed with almost any species. It can even take the shape of inanimate objects from everything from a rock to your refrigerator. While it may not be as malevolent as the creature from The Thing, Ditto’s shapeshifting ability catapults it into the realm of Pokémon that shouldn’t be underestimated.

5 Tyrantitar

Mean, green, and a fighting machine, Tyranitar is certainly a force to be reckoned with in the Pokémon world. Just like the Tyrannosaurus Rex is the king of the dinosaurs, Tyranitar is the absolute ruler of the Rock and Dark types. This large dinosaurian Pokémon is tough like you wouldn’t believe, with an armor-like hide covering its body that is resistant to all forms of attack. And since Tyranitar is so heavily protected, it isn’t intimidated by anything.

Insolent by nature, Tyranitar yields to no Pokémon and is constantly picking fights looking for a challenge. It’s already cranky by nature, but if further enraged it can lead to disastrous results. Tyranitar has the ability to set off devastating earthquakes that can change entire landscapes, so much so that new maps need to be drawn up after it rampages. It’s so powerful it can bring down entire mountains and wash away whole riverbeds, and that’s danger on a pretty wide scale.

4 Banette

It goes without saying that Ghost types would earn a spot on this list, and one of the creepiest and threatening of them all is Pokémon #354, Banette. Evolving from Shuppet, this frightening Pocket Monster might have one of the disturbing Pokédex journal entries in the entire series. Banette’s backstory is that it was once a plush toy that was thrown away, which is then infused with a cursed energy making it come alive. It’s like something straight out of a classic horror movie like Child’s Play.

The feelings of hatred that turned the doll into a Pokémon give it unrelenting desire to seek out the child that once owned it. The grudge that Banette holds for being junked makes it quite the disturbing Ghost type, even more so than Gengar or Duskull. It is said that this once pitiful doll appears in dark alleyways and generates shadowy energy by laying out strong curses by sticking pins into its own body. That’s disturbing on whole different levels, especially for a kid’s game. If you ever had a Banette in your roster, you might have to constantly watch your back to check if this Ghost type doesn't stab you in it before you notice.

3 Gyarados

Gyarados from Pokemon

With fangs that can crush stones and scales that are harder than steel, Gyarados proves that he’s the undisputed king of water and air. Bearing a striking resemblance to a serpentine Chinese dragon, this Water and Flying type Pokémon looks like something out of legend. With a scowl that appears like he’s perpetually waking up on the wrong side of the ocean floor, Gyarados is mostly blue with a three-pointed crest, razor-sharp back plates, and a mouth that could swallow a sail boat whole.

Most Pokémon are prone to hot tempers, and ironically, for a creature that hangs out in the water, Gyarados is one of the hottest of all. The animal is largely attracted to violence with highly destructive tendencies, making him bad news to any town that’s residing on the coast. Gyarados hangs out in large bodies of water, and with his scales being thicker than steel, he can easily take out a cargo tanker or two without breaking a sweat. If that wasn’t scary enough, just look up a picture of his Mega Evolution and tell us that isn’t the epitome of a sea monster.

2 Yveltal

The game mascot of Pokémon Y, Yveltal (pronounced “ee-VELL-tall”) is a large Dark and Flying type with some disturbing traits. It hits the ball out of the park two times in the threatening category. One, it is certainly physically intimidating. Its giant wingspan with large spikes are enough to make anyone feel uneasy, not to mention that it has five large claws on each appendage, and devilish black horns that extend from its blue eyes. It’s similarity to a hellish beast makes a tad more threatening in presence compared to a Pidgeot.

Not just physically imposing, Yveltal has the power to absorb life energy, like, a lot of life energy. It is said that when it reaches the end of its life span, Yveltal expands its wings and is able to steal the life from every nearby living thing before transforming into a cocoon to sleep for 1,000 years. Kind of unfortunate for anyone unlucky enough to be training this beast. One minute you’re battling with this Dark legendary, the next minute you’re getting the life energy zapped out of you and everyone nearby just because Yveltal fainted in battle. Harsh.

1 Mewtwo

Mewtwo Pokemon

Mewtwo isn’t just dangerous because he’s one of the most powerful Pokémon that ever walked the Earth. His menacing presence is larger and bulkier for his hatred towards humans, and everything else in general. One of a kind by being born in a lab, it is said to contain the most savage heart among all Pokémon, lacking any sense of compassion or empathy for those around him. In the first movie, Mewtwo is shown to have a complete disregard of all life, although it depends on which version of the movie you watch for his motivations.

His hatred for life is only rivaled by his crazy strong abilities. Because he was created to be the ultimate fighting machine, he has the ability to dispatch entire forces by conjuring up a bad thought or two. Mewtwo can materialize psychic waves, generate impenetrable force fields, and has the ability to mind control anyone around him. He’s shown to be powerful enough to create entire hurricanes using nothing but brain power, and even that isn’t the biggest extent of his abilities. He’s not just maniacal and powerful, he’s a down right threat to anyone he crosses his path with, making him the most dangerous Pokémon we’ve seen thus far.

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