15 Craziest Sailor Moon Fan Theories

Sailor Moon fans like to come up with theories for the long-running series. Some of those theories are downright crazy.

She fought evil by moonlight, won love by daylight and never ran from a real fight. She is the one named Sailor Moon.

Although initially limited to television sets in Japan, the Sailor Moon anime series quickly caught the imagination of fans all over the world after it made its first U.S. appearance on Cartoon Network's Toonami programming block in 1998. In 2017, though, Usagi and friends are still popular with anime fans.

But as with any anime, the series offered some plot points that never got resolved. And this left a lot of fans asking questions about the Moon Kingdom and its denizens. Although the recent reboot of the series, Sailor Moon Crystal, promises to answer some of those questions and clear up the more vague ideas of the original anime, it's likely that there are some things fans will never know.

Who exactly is Tuxedo Mask? What kind of time travel conundrums did Chibiusa cause by flitting back and forth through time? These questions remain unanswered, but fans have their own theories to fill in the holes.

Here are 15 of the craziest fan theories about Sailor Moon.

15 The Dark Kingdom is why Pluto is no longer a planet

A long time ago, there was a civilization on the moon called the Moon Kingdom. At the time, Pluto was still considered a planet. But then scientists discovered a series of other celestial bodies similar to Pluto that made them question the definition of a planet. And once they had that, they decided that Pluto really didn't fit the mold. So Pluto got demoted. One fan theory, courtesy of TV Tropes, is that this is really all the fault of the Dark Kingdom. It makes sense, if someone needs to take the fall for insulting one of the Sailor Scouts, it's the Dark Kingdom.

However, there is a problem with this explanation: the Dark Kingdom was long gone by the time Pluto got kicked off the planet list. So there's another similar theory that blames the demotion on Chaos, the final villain Sailor Moon ever fought in the manga.

It doesn't really seem to bother Sailor Pluto that she's now a dwarf planet. She has more important things to do, like guard the gate of time and keep out those who would meddle with the time stream.

14 When the girls transform, their Sailor Scout identities are older versions of themselves

Sailor Moon suffers from something often referred to as the "Clark Kent syndrome." Basically, this means that when the girls are in their superhero forms, no one recognizes them for who they really are, although they actually look the same. When the Sailor Scouts transform, they might gain a few touches of lipstick, nail polish and some cool skirted outfits, but anyone watching the series sees the exact same character.

A popular fan theory is that the sailor scouts are actually older, more mature versions of themselves after transformation. This is similar to the superhero Captain Marvel, who is just a kid that transforms into a man when he becomes a superhero. So is it the same for Sailor Moon?

Fans who watch the show can't argue that the girls definitely look more mature in their "superhero" roles, but they might also argue that a little make-up and high heels go a long way in making a girl look older than she really is. It's still a theory that makes sense, because otherwise, why don't Mamoru and Usagi recognize each other early on when they're Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon?

13 When the Silver Millennium fell, Sailor Venus devastated Earth

One can't imagine that Sailor Venus would ever do anything as horrible as destroying Earth, but one fan theory surmises that this is exactly what happened after the Silver Millennium failed. First, Venus is named after the goddess of love and beauty, a character in Roman mythology, known for her connections to devastating events. But other mythologies with similar counterparts to Venus also mention her involvement with horrible things.

For example, Astarte, the precursor of the goddess Venus, was not just a goddess representing love and sexuality, but also war. Ishtar was another similar goddess who was responsible for the deaths of her many lovers. In Egyptian mythology, there was Hathor, the goddess of love, who Ra sent to Earth to teach man respect. She killed most of mankind before the other gods got her drunk and stopped her.

So the theory states that Sailor Venus is much like these goddesses, especially when considering how the original Sailor Moon manga often featured the character discussing how the men she loves dies. There are many other mythological aspects to the Sailor Moon story, so this is possible.

12 The Sailor Quartet are the daughters of the Inner Senshi

In the Sailor Moon anime series, there is a lot of missing background information on many of the villains. Sometimes, those villains have more story in the manga, but sometimes there are villains in the manga that never made it onto the screen. Such is the case with the Sailor Quartet, who only appear in the manga and in the Sailor Moon musicals. But it is likely that these four sailor scouts could eventually put in an appearance in Sailor Moon Crystal.

But who are they? Originally, the Sailor Quartet were supposed to awaken to become Chibiusa's bodyguards. After the evil Queen Nehelenia released them early and corrupted them, though, they became villains for the Dead Moon Circus. Eventually, they did get their memories back and learned of their true calling.

But there is a fan theory that makes these four Sailor Scouts into even more than that. Because of their costumes and the jewels in their tiaras, fans believe that Chibiusa's bodyguards were actually the daughters of Sailors Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Mars. Considering that Chibiusa is the future daughter of Sailor Moon, this is likely.

11 Mamoru is the sun’s protector

In Sailor Moon, the guardians protect and are protected by celestial bodies within the galaxy. For example, Sailor Mercury protects and gets protection from the planet Mercury. Sailor Venus protects and gets protection from the planet Venus. Such is the case with all the Sailor Scouts. But it's not just planets that get assigned a guardian: Sailor Moon protects and gets protection from the moon.

But what about the sun, which is probably the most important celestial body in the galaxy? Does it have a guardian assigned to it that it protects? Or because it's considered a star, does that mean that it does not need a guardian?

One fan suggests that the sun actually does have a guardian associated with it: Mamoru, aka Tuxedo Mask, aka Prince Endymion. He is the prince of the Earth, but the sun protects the Earth, so would it not protect him? It's a stretch to make this theory work, but that's what fans do when trying to make sense of unanswered plot points. The Sailor Moon manga drops some hints about Mamoru's connection to the sun, so maybe it isn't really a crazy concept at all.

10 Did Chibiusa change the timeline and her relationship with her mother?

Something that always confuses fans of shows is when writers throw in time travel plots. Sailor Moon brought in the concept of time travel with the introduction of Chibiusa, who we later learn is the future daughter of Usagi and Mamoru.

By traveling into the past to train with the sailor Scouts, did Chibiusa alter her own timeline? Throughout the course of Chibiusa's early appearances, we learn that she didn't have a really close relationship with her mother, Usagi, because her mother was busy being Queen Serenity.

But with Chibusa going into the past and meeting her mother as a teenager, that could change their relationship in the future. Usagi eventually comes to love Chibiusa. So wouldn't it make sense that Usagi would want a closer relationship with her daughter in the future? But if that's true, could that have some sort of ripple effect that changes other things in the future, too? What if that close relationship keeps Chibiusa from ever traveling into the past?

Obviously, this theory leads to a major paradox, but such is the problem with time travel.

9 Chibi Chibi was never a real person

In one of their last adventures, the Sailor Scouts encounter a mysterious young girl. This girl, though, is odd. She can only say the words "Chibi Chibi," which became what the Sailor Scouts called her.

Eventually, the Sailor Scouts learned that Chibi Chibi was also a powerful sailor guardian. But she was even more than that: she was the physical form of the star seed of Sailor Galaxia. She was also the Light of Hope that the outer scouts needed to defeat Galaxia. Obviously, this already establishes that Chibi Chibi is not human, but something else. But one fan poses a challenging theory: what if Chibi Chibi was never even real?

The anime is very murky about what happens to Chibi Chibi at the end of her story arc, so this theory makes sense, particularly after the scene where she becomes a sword to help the guardians battle Galaxia. Sailor Moon refuses to fight, though, hoping to save Galaxia, and Chibi Chibi transforms back into her human body, lifeless, and then disappears. The theory argues that instead of being "real," Chibi Chibi is actually more of a spirit.

8 Sailor Cosmos is a descendant of Usagi’s

The last arc of the Sailor Moon series left a lot of fans scratching their heads. The future (or past) identity of Chibi Chibi is still left up in the air, although the manga makes it clear that Sailor Cosmos is the true form of Chibi Chibi. But that still doesn't explain exactly who the character is or why she turns up at the end of the Sailor Scouts' last adventure.

One thing is for certain, though: Sailor Cosmos looks a lot like Sailor Moon, similar to how Usagi's mother on the Moon Kingdom also looked just like her. Chibiusa also bears an uncanny resemblance to Usagi. This similarity in appearance fuels the fan theory that Cosmos is of the same family, a descendant of Usagi's.

This theory suggests that Sailor Cosmos, as a descendant of Usagi, is the person bearing the title of Sailor Moon in her timeline, far into the future. It's already known that Usagi and Mamoru have a child, Chibiusa. It's likely that Chibiusa had children and grandchildren and on down the line until Sailor Cosmos was born.

7 Sailor Moon was inspired by She-Ra: Princess of Power

One of the craziest fan theories about Sailor Moon concerns the anime series' inspiration. Many believe that the anime actually found inspiration in the 1980s cartoon She-Ra: Princess of Power. Although it seems ridiculous that something so American could inspire a Japanese series, there are some similarities.

First, both shows are about a blonde princess who transforms into a superhero to fight evil. Then there are the costumes: Sailor Moon's costume is nearly identical in color to that of She-Ra and the tiaras that they both wear are also similar. It's easy to see how such a comparison works.

There's just one big problem with this theory, though, even when it starts to make sense. She-Ra never appeared in Japan. This means that Sailor Moon's creator, Naoko Takeuchi, likely never saw the American cartoon, meaning that it's probably not likely that She-Ra served as an inspiration for the anime series. It's a nice thought that something made in America could play an important part in Sailor Moon history, though, so the theory continues to pop up every once in a while on the Internet.

6 Queen Serenity was not originally from the moon

One cannot think of the Moon Kingdom without thinking of the beautiful and strong Queen Serenity, who ruled that kingdom for thousands of years. She's the mother of Sailor Moon and was the protector of that celestial body before the fall of their kingdom. But one fan theory suggests that Queen Serenity isn't originally from the moon and that she was born somewhere else.

One hint about Queen Serenity coming from another world comes from the Sailor Moon manga. In that source, Queen Nehelenia tells Queen Serenity: "You, too, have come from another galaxy. We share the same origin." There is no reveal of what that origin is or where the two women come from, but those words potentially betray Queen Serenity's true heritage.

Another hint that Queen Serenity is not of the moon lies with the symbol that she wears on her tiara. The rest of the royal family of the Silver Millennium all have crescent moon marks embedded into their heads. Queen Serenity does not have this mark, but only wears it as part of her tiara.

5 Mamoru and the Inner Senshi never had parents

One of the unexplained plot points of the Sailor Moon series revolves around Mamoru's parents. In the beginning, he does not remember much about his parents, except that they died in a car accident. But when he regains his memories that include his life as Prince Endymion, he still doesn't recall them.

The same goes for the inner senshi: the parents of the girls rarely get a mention in the manga or anime, except in passing. It also seems that when they do get a mention, there is always a hint of a dysfunctional family relationship present. It's rather odd, considering that Usagi actually does have at least a mother, Queen Serenity.

So what gives? One fan theory is that the inner senshi are actually physical representations of planets, born from sailor crystals. This would mean they possibly never had parents. It would also explain why their family relationships in their reincarnated selves are so strained: they were never meant to have parents in the first place. In Mamoru's case, he never regains memories of ever having a family, so perhaps his birth, and reincarnated life, was the same.

4 Naru is a reincarnated soul from the Silver Millennium

There was always something weird about Usagi's friend, Naru. In the anime series, Naru was often a target of the Dark Kingdom, as well as other villainous groups, but why? Eventually, Naru caught the eye of Nephrite, who fell in love with her. But why would a soldier of the Dark Kingdom fall in love with a simple Earth girl?

Then there's the red glowing energy that Naru displayed when she tried to save her beloved. This caused Nephrite's crystal to react. Of course, they thought it was because of her love for him, but eventually Nephrite starts to believe that Naru actually has the silver crystal inside of her. But why would he think that?

There is a really good theory that suggests that Naru was never a mere Earth girl, but was a reincarnated version of someone from the Silver Millennium. It would explain why villains were often drawn to her and often attacked her. There was something about her that they always noticed and wanted for themselves. Why was Naru so special?

3 Usagi was never meant to become Sailor Moon

When fans think of Sailor Moon, they also think of Usagi. The two identities go together. But there are some hints on the show that perhaps Usagi wasn't actually ever supposed to become Sailor Moon.

The theory goes like this: when Luna first meets Usagi, she knows that the girl is special and that she has powers. But Luna mistakes the meaning of those powers by believing that Usagi is a sailor senshi, although Usagi's powers actually come from the girl being Princess Serenity. What if this was just a serious mistake made by Luna? What if the cat was wrong? Throughout the anime series, it does seem that Usagi wasn't ever meant to save the world as Sailor Moon, but as the Princess of the Moon Kingdom.

There is also a hint in the manga about this. In one of the story arcs, King Endymion said, "Neo Queen Serenity lost most of her senshi powers and that's why she can't transform anymore." The theory poses the idea that this happened because the senshi powers were never part of who Usagi was from the beginning. Luna gave her the power to become Sailor Moon as a mistake.

2 Hotaru is Setsuna’s ancestor

Neither the anime or the manga was ever very clear about the history of the outer senshi. That means that there are a lot of holes in their stories for fans to fill with theories. One of those theories is about Hotaru's origin.

This theory suggests that the answer lies in mythology. Chronos is a Keeper of Time and a god affiliated with the planet Saturn. Then there's Hades, the god of the underworld, affiliated with the planet Pluto. There is a mention in Sailor Moon that Sailor Pluto has the blood of Chronos running through her veins, which makes sense as she is the guardian of time. In mythology, Hades is the son of Chronos, so does that mean that Sailor Saturn, aka Hotaru, is somehow a descendant of Sailor Pluto, aka Setsuna?

In Sailor Moon, the two characters have a close connection, but there is never a mention of why that is. The two sharing blood, as family of some sort, could explain that link. The Sailor Moon story does take a lot of inspiration from mythology, so this theory isn't as crazy as it sounds.

1 The Pink Moon Crystal was grown from the Silver Crystal

Sailor Chibimoon has her own sailor crystal, that allows her to transform and user her powers, the pink moon crystal. But there are some conflicting ideas of where that crystal actually came from. The story arcs of the anime and manga tend to take different paths with the crystal, leading fans to make up theories of their own.

It would make sense that Chibiusa obtained the silver crystal from her mother, Neo Queen Serenity. But the queen still has use for the silver crystal when she sends her daughter back in time to train as a sailor scout. So instead, it makes sense that the queen would provide a different crystal for her daughter, one with similar powers. So the theory is that the pink moon crystal was grown from the original silver crystal.

This also explains why Chibiusa's powers didn't always work like they should. As an offshoot of the silver crystal, as well as an experimental crystal, probably the first of its kind, the pink moon crystal would not have as much power, and sometimes wouldn't work as well as the original.


Which Sailor Moon fan theory is your favorite? Did we miss any that you love? Let us know in the comments.

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