'13' Trailer Is Ominous and Suspenseful

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Hedging bets on a horse race is one thing, but gambling on the outcome of a thirteen-man round of Russian Roulette is an entirely different matter, as is the case for the nail-biting thriller, 13.

A trailer has been released for 13, which stars Sam Riley, 50 Cent, Mickey Rourke, and Jason Statham as gentlemen who get involved in a viciously twisted underground world of gambling, where the stakes involve the lives of men, each of whom is identified solely by a single number.

French filmmaker Géla Babluan wrote and directed the thriller 13 Tzameti, which walked away with the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival back in 2006. Babluan co-wrote and directed the English-language remake of his debut film, now just titled 13, which revolves around a young man (Riley) who assumes the identity of a dead fellow and thereafter finds himself pulled into a dangerous world where people bet on the survival of others.

13 looks like a promising, if disturbing, high-tension Noir flick, complete with shadowy interiors and sinister men who make their business at the expense of others' lives (symbolism, anyone?), including that of Riley, Rourke (who's still got his Expendables cowboy hat on) and character actor Ray Winstone (The Departed).

Watch the trailer for 13 below:

Babluan's 13 clearly has higher production values and more of a Hollywood aesthetic than his 13 Tzameti. The latter's low-budget design and black and white cinematography benefited its chilling subject matter and made the stark atmosphere of the film all the more unnerving.

Check out the original trailer for 13 Tzameti below and see what we mean:


Magnet Media has yet to set an official release date for 13, which could possibly reach theaters by the first half of 2011. Does it look interesting to you?

Source: Magnet Media (via Shadow and Act)

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