13 Reasons Why: Who We Think Killed Bryce Walker In Season 3

13 Reasons Why

Netflix's 13 Reasons Why is introducing a new mystery in season 3: who killed Bryce Walker? Season 3 premieres on August 23 but it won't be the last installment of the drama series as Netflix greenlit 13 Reasons Why for a fourth and final season.

Hannah Baker is no longer the core focus of 13 Reasons Why. Actress Katherine Langford has already stated that she was done with the series and many viewers wondered what her absence would mean for the future of the series. The first two seasons dealt with her death and the ensuing trial involving her grief-stricken parents and high school. Season 2 expanded the focus to some of the other students at Liberty High and their personal struggles. Much of the other drama centered on Bryce's wrongdoings and it looks like his past has finally caught up with him.

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It was assumed that Tyler's failed school shooting attempt would be the central focus of 13 Reasons Why season 3 but that's no longer the case. As revealed in the trailer, Bryce's mysterious death is set to become the major plot point in the latest run of episodes. Considering Bryce's despicable behavior, there's no shortage of suspects who might have killed him. Some characters had more hatred for Bryce than others and there will surely be some red herrings. That said, here's a list of characters that we think could have killed Bryce Walker in 13 Reasons Why season 13.

Clay Jensen

Clay is the most obvious suspect considering he always finds himself at the center of the drama. He was tortured by Hannah's tapes in season 1, punishing himself for not doing more. Then in season 2, Clay fought for justice for Hannah - and much of that focus was on Bryce. Although Hannah had a slew of reasons for tragically taking her own life, Bryce raping her seemed to push her over the edge.

It would make sense if Clay continued to put blame on Bryce for what happened to Hannah. The trial found that the school was not responsible, so there isn't much that Clay can do in that regard. Bryce was arrested for raping Jessica but he only received three months probation which is not nearly enough for his actions. It's very possible that Bryce returned to his old ways after his probation was up. Clay has lost control before and he has claimed that he wanted Bryce dead. But is he truly capable of killing? Bryce's smug attitude and gloating when it comes to women could have set something off in Clay. If his mental state is still in such disarray, he might not even fully remember killing Bryce.

Jessica Davis

13 Reasons Why

Hannah is no longer around to get revenge on Bryce, but Jessica is. She was unable to tell the truth about Bryce raping her when she was drunk at a party but Justin shared the story during his testimony. Despite the hope for justice, Bryce was only given a short sentence. There's no doubt that Jessica wasn't pleased with Bryce's probation. She might have learned how to cope with the trauma, but with him still out there, Jessica will never be able to forget.

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In the season 2 finale, Bryce claimed that he was transferring schools. Maybe Jessica catches wind of Bryce's despicable behavior at his new school, angering her enough to permanently stop him. Since she failed at coming clean on her own, she could be feeling an unfortunate amount of guilt for not coming forward from the start. Rather than rely on the court system, it would make sense if Jessica took matters into her own hands.

Tyler Down

Tyler is another tortured soul in 13 Reasons Why. He is constantly a victim of bullying and much of that torment in earlier seasons came from Bryce. Tyler suggested that the group pin everything on Bryce during the trial but the others decided against that plan. In season 2, Tyler was sent away to deal with his anger issues after getting in trouble with his new friends. When he returned to school, Tyler was beaten up and sexually assaulted by Bryce's friends. This event caused Tyler to act on his plans to carry out a school shooting.

Clay stopped Tyler from entering the school dance with his cache of weapons but, even though Tyler's deadly plan was thwarted, he still clearly needs help. His anger issues are still prevalent and they will surely play a role in 13 Reasons Why season 3. Since he wasn't able to go through with the plan, he may set his sights on a smaller target. Much of his anger stemmed from Bryce and the bullying that came from the hands of Bryce's friends. Tyler could go for the root of the problem to eliminate who he claimed was the most dangerous from the beginning.

Chl0e Rice

13 Reasons Why

Chloe was another victim of Bryce's intimate behavior without her consent. She was raped in the school's Clubhouse while she was unconscious, and didn't even realize it happened until Jessica showed her pictures of the event. Jessica urged her to testify against Bryce but Chloe later lied and said the encounter was consensual. Chloe stayed with Bryce and claimed that she believed he was a good person. She later revealed to Jessica that she was pregnant with Bryce's baby.

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It would make sense why Chloe would want to put on a good face but she's understandably struggling in 13 Reasons Why season 3. Not only did she side with a rapist, but she also pledged her allegiance to her attacker. When she fully processed everything that happened, Chloe might have made a rash decision. The fact that she was forced to carry the child of her rapist is an unfathomable dilemma. Bryce upended her life in a multitude of ways and there is enough motivation to give her a spot on the suspect list.

Nora Walker

13 Reasons Why

Mrs. Walker was shown in the 13 Reasons Why season 3 trailer asking if anyone knows what happened to her son. But what if Bryce was killed by someone closest to him, like a family member? Mrs. Walker is the wildcard suspect on the list but, like the others, she has the motivation.

It would be surprising to learn that a parent would kill their child but the Walker family never seemed to live by the best morals. Bryce previously shared that he lived with a lot of freedom and he sometimes wished his parents were more involved. When the rumors started swirling about Bryce, Nora didn't believe them but then she started questioning her own son. She later confronted Bryce and he told the truth about raping Hannah. This caused Nora to slap Bryce, claiming that he brought shame on their family.

Maybe Bryce didn't learn from his past and Nora snapped at her son's abusive behavior. He clearly didn't respect women so maybe he tried to harm his own mother, causing Nora to act in self-defense. The Walkers clearly prioritized their reputation and by getting rid of their troubled son, Nora could cover up his death to look like a victim. Nothing would come as a surprise on a show like 13 Reasons Why.

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